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DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california EN17

DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california  EN17
DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california  EN17
DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california  EN17
DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california  EN17
DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california  EN17
Faux mink hairs
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Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
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T.T,Western Union,Money Gram and Paypal
DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california.These are the newest western eyelashes,pre-cutted already in one cluster by one cluster,so the eyelash extensions can do DIY at home.And they are the new eyelash extensions,really big demands and big market in california.The DIY precut eyelashes are warm welcomed by the california buyers.We are the best eyelash vendors for these high quality DIY eyelash extensions,wholesale best price.

DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california 

DIY pre cut eyelash extensions are the new eyelashes recently in california USA.With the easy use,and can do DIY at home,so these DIY precut eyelash extensions are really like in California.We sell big quantity there.And receive excellent feedback and more order addition.We are in mass production for these DIY cluster eyelash extensions to satisfy the big demands. 

"DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale in California" refers to businesses or suppliers in the state of California, 

USA, that offer wholesale pre-cut eyelash extensions designed for do-it-yourself (DIY) application. Let's break down this term:

DIY (Do-It-Yourself): DIY refers to the practice of completing tasks or projects independently, without the need for professional

 assistance. In this context, DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions are designed for individuals to apply on their own, without the help 

of a professional lash technician.

Pre-Cut Eyelash Extensions: Pre-cut eyelash extensions are individual lash extensions that are pre-sized and pre-shaped for 

easy application. They eliminate the need for lash technicians to manually cut or shape individual lashes during the application


Vendors Wholesale: These businesses or suppliers offer their products in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. This is typically

 intended for beauty professionals, retailers, or businesses that want to stock and resell these eyelash extensions.

California: This specifies that the vendors are located in the state of California, a significant hub for various industries, including

 the beauty and cosmetics industry.

In summary, "DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale in California" describes businesses or suppliers in California 

that specialize in providing pre-cut eyelash extensions in bulk quantities. These extensions are designed for DIY application, 

making it convenient for individuals to enhance their eyelashes without the need for professional assistance. Beauty 

professionals and businesses can purchase these extensions in wholesale quantities for resale to their customers.

                                         Product Description

Product Name

DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california 


faux mink hairs


black cotton black bands or invisible band


Hand made


Natural Black


10pieces per style




Custom package is available


Available,and we do wholesale with your private label packages

Payment Terms

T.T,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram

Shipment Terms

By Sea,Air or Express

Delivery Time

10-15 working days as your order details,5-7days if stock

DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions vendors wholesale california Pictures:


The segmented DIY eyelash extensions set are with 80pieces clusters eyelashes,and have 5 different lengths,so suit for any eye shapes,and more choices.So they are warm like and good selling,big needs in California market.

This set is also with 1 lash tweezer,is sharpend tweezer,more easy to wear the lashes DIY.And also contain 2 lash glues,so can wear as need,more convenient.


The close looking of the segmented pre-cut eyelashes,each piece has soft cotton band,3D effect multiple layers,give volume looking.


The transparent clear eyeliners,2 pieces is one set,enough to wear for the segmented eyelashes,reusable.And this transparent eyeliners are with strong sticky,last long time,really popular in California,USA.


This is the sharpened eyelash tweezer,more suit for this segmented eyelash extenson.Easy to take the lashes and to stick them on the eyes,more conveient to use.

The more segmented DIY eyelash extensions styles:

We have many different styles of the segmented pre-cut DIY eyelash extensions,natural,thick,long,short,etc.So give more choices for different likes and different eye shapes.So if you choose them for your lash business,you can choose different ones,and that will give your users more choices,so it will easier for them to order.

Our segmented pre-cut DIY eyelash extensions,are with good quality,long lasting,more choices,so that will easy to attract buyers.And our lash styles are more and many choices then others,and more attractive,so if you take our styles,will get more buyers.And we are professional for these lashes and provide best service for how to use,so you can tell them to your buyer.Also our price is not high,that will give you more profit margin.And best lashes with best price and best service,stand out on your California market,even  the worldwide market,more easier.What are you waiting for?Order ASAP,to get more business!

How to use for the pre-cut segmented lash extensions:


Only need 4 easy steps,you can have beautiful lashes!



Really good quality eyelash extensions,the best eyelashes ever used.

  1. Tess from Australia:  Very happy with the lashes,thank you very much.Will order again.

  2. Kan from Iceland: The lashes are amazing!Extremely soft!Easy to use

  3. Sarah from UK:    I received with my order,I am very pleased with your products,they are so great!I am very impressed with theeasy fan lashes.

  4. Chelsey from USA: My lashes are great I love them.Lashes are so beautiful and good quality.

FAQs for DIY lash extensions:

1. What are DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions, and how are they different from traditional eyelash extensions?Answer: DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions are individual lash extensions that come pre-sized and pre-shaped, eliminating the

 need for professional trimming or shaping. Unlike traditional extensions applied by lash technicians, DIY extensions are 

designed for self-application.

2. How do I apply DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions on my own?

Answer: Application methods can vary by brand and product, but generally, you'll need to use tweezers or a specialized 

applicator to place each pre-cut extension on your natural lashes using adhesive. Detailed instructions are usually provided

 with the product.

3. Are DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions suitable for beginners with no prior experience?

Answer: DIY extensions can be suitable for beginners, but some prior knowledge of eyelash extension application is helpful.

 It's essential to follow the provided instructions carefully to achieve the best results.

4. Can I customize the length, thickness, and curl of DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions when purchasing wholesale?

Answer: Customization options can vary among vendors. It's advisable to inquire about customization options, including

 length, thickness, and curl, when discussing your wholesale order.

5. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale purchases of DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions in California?

Answer: The MOQ can vary among vendors. It's best to inquire about the specific MOQ when contacting the vendor for 

your wholesale order.

6. Are there different styles available for DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions, such as natural or dramatic looks?

Answer: Yes, DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions are typically available in various styles, including natural, dramatic, and various

 lengths and volumes, allowing you to offer a range of options to your customers.

7. How long do DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions typically last when applied correctly?

Answer: The longevity of DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the lashes, 

adhesive, and individual care. They can last from several days to a few weeks with proper care.

8. Do wholesale vendors in California provide support or resources for DIY pre-cut eyelash extension users?

Answer: Some vendors may offer customer support and resources, including application tips, care instructions, and 

troubleshooting guidance, to assist DIY users in achieving the best results.

9. How can I find reputable wholesale vendors for DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions in California?

Answer: Research and online directories can help you identify reputable vendors. Reading reviews and checking for 

certifications can also be valuable when choosing a supplier.

10. Are DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions made from synthetic materials, mink, or other materials?

- Answer: The materials used for DIY pre-cut eyelash extensions can vary by brand and product. Common materials include

 synthetic fibers and, in some cases, mink or silk for a more natural look.

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