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How to Start a Private label false eyelashes business?

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How to Start a Private label false eyelashes business?
Beauty is a woman's nature. False eyelashes are indispensable for beauty.And madam can’t live without false eyelashes.Not only madam,but also gentleman are also use false eyelashes to make them more handsome.So the false eyelashes business is sustainable.So,how to start a private label false eyelashes business?

Beauty is a woman's nature. False eyelashes are indispensable for beauty.And madam can’t live without false eyelashes.Not only madam,but also gentleman are also use false eyelashes to make them more handsome.So the false eyelashes business is sustainable.So,how to start a private label false eyelashes business?


First of all,false eyelashes are a kind of daily consumer goods,need to use every day for madam.And false eyelashes have thousands of different styles,and you always go to different occasions,so need to be purchased frequently for different kinds of false eyelashes to satisfy the different occasions needs.When they like your eyelashes,like your eyelashes quality,style,package,they will become your loyal eyelashes customers.They will buy your eyelashes from beauty shop,salon,supermarkets and even Internet platforms or Instagrams.They look for your personal label,and it becomes quick and easy.

Do private label false eyelashes business needs a logo.

Whether you already have a logo or you are ready to design a logo.The logo should be elegant and attractive.And when people see the logo design,they will feel that your eyelash brand is high-end quality.It is particularly important that the logo is printed on the private label.

You need to have a logo and then register a brand of your own,then can do private label.

Do a private label false eyelashes business needs packaging design.

For package boxes should consider from box mateirals,box colors,box shapes and box printing.

First you should choose the private label package boxes category and materials.

There are many different kinds of package boxes for the false eyelashes,as below:

Industrial Edition Box,that include magnetic box,slider box,diamond shape box,circle box,hexagon box,etc.That kind box can do the materials,the colors,the shapes as need,do private logodo customized shape,printing.More and more paper materials with decorative patterns can be used to make this high end private label package boxes.This kind of box is really luxury and high end.Easy to catch the buyers,so very suit for the ones who want to do high end brand.And that kind package boxes is the first choice for whom want to do high end brand private label eyelash business.

Paper box,that box can do any kinds of shapes. That kind box can do the materials,the colors,the shapes as need,do private logo.This kind of box is mid end and high end.They can be used high end materials to make the box luxury and also this box is light weight,easy to take when go out travelling or business trip.

The acrylic boxes,there are many different kinds,circle shape ones,the bottle shape,the candy shape,the lollipops shape,the umbrella shape,the luggage shape,etc.These boxes are the ones made as the mold,usually cant change shapes as need except open new mold.And if want to private label,can do 3D printing or do private logo labels on them.These kinds of boxes have some limited,but that kinds boxes price will be cheaper than the totally customized boxes.And that kind box minimum order quantity can do lower than the totally customized boxes.So that kind box suit for the starter whom want to do private label eyelash business,but do not want to do big quantity.

The PVC boxes,this kind boxes also can do totally customized.And this kind box use less,only some buyers like.Also can do private label package as need.

For these all shape boxes,usually need to do as according the the eyelash trays,because it needs to have the suitable eyelash trays to put into the private label eyelash boxes.That is very important,except you want to do the shape we do not have the eyelash trays to suit for,that have to open mold to make the eyelash trays.And if so,will be extra cost.


Second is choose the private label package boxes printings.

For eyelash package boxes printings,usually have Embossed, Gold Foil(hot stamp),Glossy Lamination,UV, Matte Lamination.

And for gold foiled(hot stamp)can do to any kind of papers,but for printing,the special kinds papers will cannt do printing directly.

Embossed and UV is the special artwork,make the private label package boxes luxury and unique.UV can do on the whole box papers also can only do logo,for embossed usually cannt do big space,usually only do logo.

Glossy and matte lamination that is the foam outside the paper,do them as likes.

To start a private label eyelash business need to choose the suitable,high quality false eyelashes.

For the eyelashes,can be divided into two categories from a large perspective,Strip eyelashes and Grafted eyelashes.And for each of them also contains many different kinds of eyelashes.

Strip Eyelashes include:

Regular mink eyelashes,3D mink eyelashes,5D mink eyelashes,6D mink eyelashes,8D mink eyelashes,10D mink eyelashes,3D/5D/6D/8D faux mink eyelashes,Protein silk eyelashes,synthetic eyelash,horse hair eyelashes,human hair eyelashes,Magnetic eyelashes,Self-adhesive eyelashes,party eyelashes,colored eyelashes,bottom under eyelashes,etc.

All of them are strip eyelashes,and can apply for with the glue or magnetic eyeliner or magic eyeliner pen directly at home.And can take off when go sleeping.And then can wear again after cleaning them.

These kinds strip lashes can wear at any occasion,appointment,party,meeting,dinner with friends,trip,etc.Easy to use,easy to take off and most of them are reusable.

The strip false eyelashes are the earliest eyelashes.Due to these advantages of the strip eyelashes,so they are adorable by madams.They can purchase any different kinds strip lashes to suit for different occasions use.And give them different beauty,make them be Variety Queen.

If you do private label strip false eyelashes,they are easy to acceptable and sell,and easy to gain profit,and win big market share.Now especially for the magnetic eyelashes and the self-adhesive eyelashes are really hot and popular selling and warm liked by different countries users.They are liked by the unique lash styles,the easy of the usage,the reusableness.And these magnetic eyelashes and the self-adhesive eyelashes are new,more easy to acceptable by the young people.So if do private label magnetic eyelashes and self-adhesive eyelashes,with the good quality eyelashes,they like your private label packages,and lash styles,and the quality,they will become your loyal eyelashes customers,will buy again and again from you.

The grafted eyelashes also gradually evoloved a variety of kinds from the individual eyelash extensions.Now have such kinds,individual eyelash extensions,volume eyelash extensions,classic eyelash extensions,cashmere eyelash extensions,ellipse flat eyelash extensions,easy fan lash extensions,premade fans eyelash extensions,fish tail lash extensions, Phoenix Tail eyelash extensions,A shape fairy lash extensions,YY lash extensions,clover eyelash extensions,pre-cut eyelash extensions,etc.

For these grafted eyelash extensions,most of them are used in beauty salon.You need to go to the salon to make the grafting of the eyelash extensions,mostly cannt do yourself at home.But for some premade fans eyelash extensions,and pre-cut eyelash extensions,you can Do-it-yourself at home.Especially the pre-cut eyelash extensions,many different styles,each pair have 4 or 5pieces,you can use how many pieces as your own natural eyelashes,and do any shape as need.Easy to use,easy to take off,also can last about one week.And the grafted eyelash extensions after grafting,can last 2-4 weeks or long,as the natural eyelashes growth rate.

So if you have a beauty salon, to do your own private label eyelash extensions,that is really a good choice.You can have your own brand,and your customer can find you from your brand,and also you can lock your own customer groups.When the user see that brand,they will know that is your salons.And if they like the quality,they will go to your salon to make an appointment for the grafting,or they can buy yours eyelash extensions.And gradually your brand will do bigger and bigger and more and more popular.You will have your own brand loyal buyers.So that time your brand will have big market rate.

And to have your own private label eyelash extensions,if you want to do some trainings,when they are trained,they use your brand eyelash extensions,if they like them,when they do their own salon or small grafting eyelash business,they will purchase from you again and again,and they will become your brand eyelash extensions loyal users.

Even if for some eyelash technicians,they want to start their private label eyelash extensions,they can sell their own brand to other users or directly grafting their own brand eyelash extensions to the end-users,through that way to win their own loyal users.


To start a private label eyelash extensions business,need to choose a good trustworthy eyelashes manufacturer.

What is a good eyelash manufacturer,vendor,supplier?

A good eyelash manufacturer need to have sufficient supply capacity,abide by the principle of good faith,and good and positive service attitude. There are sufficient resources to guarantee specific eyelash orders.And need to ship the eyelash orders in time.If any quality problem,need to handle the problem positively.

You’d better do make a sample before you start a private label eyelash business.

No matter how much the eyealshes,the private label package boxes are,it’s better to make a sample of the private label package boxes,and confirm it.Also sample the false eyelashes,then you can know how the quality is, if what you want.

Although a little samples cost will be paid,it can avoid the loss of error caused by mass production of eyelashes and pakcages in the future.

Once you’ve got the samples of false eyelashes,you will get the same bulk as the samples.Therefore, this link must not be missed when opening the private label false eyelashes business.

Getting a private label false eyelashes is not the end of the business,it is the beginning.

The sales channel of the false eyelashes is the core of the whole business.Only have a good trustworthy private label eyelashes manufacturer,do quality guaranteed,reasonable price,have stock can do in time shipping,and good service,with that sources your private label eyelashes business can last.

First, Market positioning,to sell which groups.

Second,Choose the sales channels,to sell on supermarket,shopping malls,pharmacies,beauty salons and other venues to shop.

Amazon can help you expand your market share. Here you need your eyelash brand, stock in Amazon.

Facebook set up a home page to attract fans to buy your eyelashes, set up a Facebook group, promote your eyelash brand, and let more consumers know about it.

Set up an independent mall website to promote your private label false eyelashes and expand your eyelashes business through Google and other search engines.

INS is also a good choice. By sharing products, using videos or pictures to attract consumers' attention, and even to expand the influence of your brand through paid advertising.

If you are starting from scratch in the private label false eyelashes business, then you need perseverance and perseverance to build your own eyelashes channel.

In the process of establishing channels, constantly enrich their eyelashes and related product line to meet the different needs of existing customer groups. Your business will grow bigger and better,and more famous.



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