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Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube EM53

Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube EM53
Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube EM53
Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube EM53
Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube EM53
Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube EM53
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Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtube.The DIY lash extensions are the easiest use eyelash extensions,use glue,and can do yourself at home,and can make any lash shape as your eye shapes.And our diy lash extensions,after wear with our lash bond,sealant,they are waterproof,can last 5-7days.They are best diy lash extensions.And on youtube,you can see how best of our diy lash extensions are.

Best waterproof diy lash extensions youtu.


There are 3 styles of the DIY lash extensions,the first 2 are the wispy styles,and in different lash styles,they are 12pcs lashes in one row,and 3 rows in a package,total is 36pcs per lashes in one package.And the bottom one is 13pcs lashes in one row,39pcs lashes in one package.The lashes are in black band.All of them can do your own brand,private label logo package.


This is the DIY lash extension in ribbon,clear band,each ribbon has 2pcs segment lashes.The lashes have big V shape,and can do different lengths 8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm as customized.They can packed in a ribbon or precut them as need.


There are 8styles of the DIY lash extensions,each pack is 4lines,have mixed length,so you can use as your eye shape.You can choose different lash styles in different lengths as need.And can customized brand package.

We have many more different styles for the DIY lash extensions,more information,please contact us.

The characteristics of the waterproof DIY lash extensions youtube.

The DIY lash extensions,the are not the strip lashes,nor the individual lash extensions,but the lashes segment by segment and can appy for by yourself at home,not like the individual lash extensions need to go to the salon to graft by others.The DIY lash extensions are also not same as the individual lash extensions,can last 4-6weeks or more longer same as the natural lashes fallen off.The DIY lash extensions,can last about 5-7days or if use the strip lash glue,it lasts 1day,but it can reuse.The DIY lash extensions are also not same as the strip lashes,the strip lashes need to remove each day,and when you wear that pair,only that one lash style,but for the DIY lash estensions one lash style,you apply different segments,use different lengths,give you different shapes of eyes,so beautiful. 

And our DIY lash extensions glues are waterproof,so when apply for,it can rest assured to wash face,to have bath,the lashes are waterproof,last a long time.

The advantages of the waterproof DIY lash extensions youtube.

The DIY lash extensions have many different lash styles for choices.They can do at home beauty,you can use how many pieces,according to your eye,and use the different lengths,different styles to make different eye beautiful looking.

FAQs for waterproof DIY lash extensions:

1.What are waterproof DIY lash extensions?

Waterproof DIY lash extensions are individual lash extensions that you can apply at home using a waterproof adhesive. 

They are designed to withstand exposure to water, humidity, and moisture without losing their bond.

2.How do waterproof DIY lash extensions differ from regular lash extensions?

Waterproof DIY lash extensions use a specialized adhesive that is formulated to resist water and humidity, making them 

suitable for activities like swimming, showering, and exercising.

3.Can I swim with waterproof DIY lash extensions?

Yes, waterproof DIY lash extensions are designed to withstand swimming and water activities. However, it's still a good 

idea to minimize exposure to excessive water to ensure the longevity of the extensions.

4.How do I choose the right length and style for waterproof DIY lash extensions?

Choose a length and style that complements your natural lashes and enhances your desired look. Consider your eye shape,

 the occasion, and your personal preference.

5.Can I apply mascara to waterproof DIY lash extensions?

It's generally not recommended to apply mascara directly to lash extensions, including waterproof ones. Mascara can affect

 the adhesive and cause clumping.

6.How do I apply waterproof DIY lash extensions?

Follow the instructions provided in the kit. Typically, you'll apply a small amount of waterproof adhesive to each extension

 and carefully place them on your natural lashes, ensuring they are securely bonded.

7.Are waterproof DIY lash extensions suitable for sensitive eyes?

While waterproof adhesive is designed to be less likely to irritate the eyes, individual reactions can still vary. Always do a 

patch test before applying lash extensions to your entire lash line.

8.How long do waterproof DIY lash extensions last?

Waterproof DIY lash extensions can last around 4 to 6 weeks, similar to regular lash extensions. Proper care and maintenance 

play a crucial role in their longevity.

9.Can I sleep with waterproof DIY lash extensions?

Yes, you can sleep with waterproof DIY lash extensions. Just be mindful of your sleeping position to avoid pressing the

 extensions against your pillow, which could cause premature shedding.

10.How do I remove waterproof DIY lash extensions?

Removing waterproof DIY lash extensions can be more challenging than regular extensions. It's recommended to seek 

professional help for safe removal to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

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Name: Elizabeth        time:2022-09-01 16:47:25
Wow,the DIY lashes are so good,very soft and thin band,so easy to use.And used with the bond and sealant,they last 6days.Really love them!!

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