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DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126

DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126
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DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant.The DIY lashes bond and sealant are 2 in 1,long lasting keep the shape,and the brush has different usages,mild and non irritating,can graft the lashes by yourself with eyes open.Bond and seal in one,so conveient to use,make your eyelashes wearing very strong and long lasting.They are for the DIY eyelash extensions,you can have beautiful eyes at seconds.
DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant EM126

DIY eyelash extensions bond and sealant 

DIY eyelash extensions can be a bit tricky, but the bond and sealant are crucial elements in the process.

Bond: The bond is essentially the glue that adheres the extensions to your natural lashes. It's usually a special type of adhesive 

designed for use near the eyes. When applying extensions, a tiny drop of this adhesive is used to attach each extension to an

 individual natural lash. It's important to use a high-quality, specially formulated adhesive to ensure it's safe for your eyes and

 lasts for a reasonable period.

Sealant: The sealant serves as a protective layer over the extensions. It helps to secure the bond of the adhesive, making it last

 longer and keeping the extensions in place. Additionally, sealants often provide a glossy finish, enhancing the appearance of 

the lashes and making them look more natural. Some sealants also have conditioning properties that can nourish and protect

 the lashes.

When using these products for DIY eyelash extensions, it's crucial to follow the instructions carefully. Proper application of the 

bond in the right amount and placement is key to avoiding any damage to your natural lashes or irritation to your eyes. The 

sealant should be applied after the extensions have been attached and allowed to set, usually a day or so after application.

If you're new to doing eyelash extensions yourself, it might be wise to start with caution and maybe even practice on false 

lashes to get the hang of the technique before attempting it on your own natural lashes. Also, be attentive to any adverse 

reactions or discomfort during or after application and remove the extensions if necessary.


The DIY lash extensions bond and sealant are used for the DIY lash extensions,the bond stick the lashes and the sealant

make the lashes can last long.


The reason to choose our DIY lash bond and seal is our DIY lash bond and seal are waterproof,strong hold,long retention and gentle formula.And they can do your private logo.


Our Elour DIY lash extensions sealant is long lasting,waterproof,strong hold and are with safe formulation.Our Elour DIY lash extensions bond is clear,nourishing,easy to use and cruelty-free & vegan.


For our DIY lash extensions bond and seal,they are 2 in 1,one side is bond and one side is seal,so with one you can have 2 different lash bond and seal.And for the bottles,we have different colors,pink,black,white,etc,and cand do as you like.And all of them can do your own logo brand.


Our DIY lash extensions bond and seal are 2 in 1,and can do private logo of your own.And our bond is strong hold for 48hours,and our seal is also long-lasting up to 7days.The dual-ended glue,is more convenient to use.

How to use the DIY lashes Bond and Sealant:


FAQs for the DIY lash extensions bond and sealant:

1.How long does the bond typically last?

Bonds for eyelash extensions can last several weeks if applied correctly. However, factors like natural lash shedding and 

exposure to water/oils can affect their longevity.

2.Is the bond safe for sensitive eyes?

Look for adhesives specifically formulated for sensitive eyes. However, individual reactions can vary, so it's essential to do 

a patch test before full application.

3.Can I use any adhesive as a bond for eyelash extensions?

It's crucial to use adhesives designed explicitly for eyelash extensions. Regular glues or adhesives can be harmful or cause

 irritation to the eyes.

4.How do I remove the bond without damaging my natural lashes?

Use an adhesive remover designed for lash extensions. Apply it carefully to dissolve the bond, allowing the extensions to 

slide off without pulling your natural lashes.

5.Can I reapply extensions using the same bond?

It's generally recommended to use fresh adhesive for each application to ensure a secure and safe bond. Reusing old

 adhesive might compromise the extension's longevity and security.

6.How often should I use the sealant, and does it affect the longevity of the extensions?

Sealants can be used every 2-3 days to maintain the extensions' appearance and enhance their durability. They can help extend

 the lifespan of the extensions by protecting the bond.

7.Are there different types of sealants available?

Yes, there are various sealants, some offering additional benefits like lash conditioning, waterproofing, or providing a glossy 

finish. Choose one that suits your preferences and needs.

8.Can I apply mascara or other eye makeup over the extensions after using the sealant?

It's generally advisable to avoid oil-based makeup or mascara on extensions, as they can weaken the bond. If you do apply 

makeup, choose products specifically formulated for use with eyelash extensions.

9.Can I swim or shower with eyelash extensions after using the sealant?

Sealants can provide some water resistance, but excessive exposure to water or steam might weaken the bond. It's still 

recommended to avoid prolonged water exposure to maintain the extensions' longevity.

10.What should I do if I experience irritation or allergic reactions to the bond or sealant?

Remove the extensions immediately and consult a healthcare professional if the irritation persists. It's crucial to prioritize

 your eye health and safety.

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Name: Taya Campbell        time:2024-01-02 11:58:03
The bond and seal I really like,they last long.I can wear the lashes a whole day.And so comfortable wearing.And 2 in 1 bottle,make it easy to use.The brush is good,I like that shape.

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