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DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130

DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130
High quality faux mink
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softer,lighter and thinner
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DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home.DIY eyelashes are made by the high-quality fibers with fluffy curly,light-weight feeling,like natural lashes.They are in clusters one by one,can wear 3to 5clusters as need,and very comfortable wearing,seamless with your own lashes,cant feel any fake lashes feeling.Very easy to wear,wear at home,save money and time,but can have the salon eyelash extensions effect,can last a whole day,and also easy to remove,reusable wearing
DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home EM130

DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home

If you do the DIY eyelash extensions clusters at your home,not go to beauty salon,you need:

Materials you may need:

Eyelash extension clusters: These are pre-made bunches of lashes designed to be applied to your natural lashes.

Eyelash adhesive: Choose a high-quality adhesive formulated for eyelash extensions.

Tweezers: Fine-tipped tweezers can help with precision during application.

Eyelash comb: This can help separate and groom your natural lashes and extensions.

Makeup remover: In case you need to correct any mistakes or remove excess adhesive.

Steps to apply eyelash extensions clusters at home:

Cleanse your face: Ensure your eyelids are clean and free from any makeup, oils, or residue. This helps the adhesive bond better.

Prepare the clusters: Carefully remove the clusters from the packaging and lay them out in an accessible manner.

Apply adhesive: Dip the base of the cluster into the eyelash adhesive. Be sure to use a minimal amount to avoid excess dripping

 or clumping.

Placement: Using tweezers, gently place the cluster onto your natural lashes, as close to the lash line as possible without 

touching the skin. Avoid placing them too close to the inner corner of your eye or on the waterline.

Hold and secure: Press down lightly on the cluster to ensure it adheres well to your natural lashes. Hold it in place for a few 

seconds to allow the adhesive to set.

Repeat: Continue applying clusters along the lash line, leaving space between each cluster to prevent clumping and discomfort.

Comb and groom: Once all clusters are applied, gently comb through your lashes with an eyelash comb to blend the extensions

 with your natural lashes and remove any tangles or clumps.

Allow adhesive to dry: Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes while the adhesive is still drying to prevent irritation or displacement 

of the extensions.

It's crucial to follow all safety precautions and instructions provided with the products you use. Additionally, if you experience 

any discomfort, redness, or swelling during or after application, remove the extensions immediately and consult a healthcare

 professional if necessary.

The DIY lash clusters pictures:


The DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home,the lash pack is 12lines each,and 8clusters each line.The cluster DIY lashes are with fluffy curly,soft thin bands,light weight feeling,seamless to the natural lashes.The lashes can do at home,no need to do at salon.


DIY eyelash extensions clusters are fluffy 3D effect,beautiful looking,like mink natural hairs looking.


The DIY eyelash extensions are in clusters,can do yourself at home,do with the bond to wear and make seal to long lasting the lashes wearing.


These are some of the DIY eyelash extensions related products for DIY lashes wearing,to make the kit.The DIY lashes bond,seal and remover.And the DIY lash extensions applicator tweezers,scissors.And all of them can print logo on.

The private logo customized package for the DIY eyelash extensions clusters:


Here are some of the package boxes for the DIY eyelash extensions clusters,DIY lash set kit.All can do customized,private label as need,free design.

More DIY eyelash extensions clusters styles for choice:


Here are many more styles of the DIY eyelash extensions clusters,all of them can do customized package as need.

FAQs for the DIY eyelash extension clusters at home:

1.Are DIY eyelash extensions safe to do at home?

While it's possible to apply eyelash extensions at home, it's important to proceed with caution. DIY application carries risks, 

including damage to natural lashes and irritation to the eyes. Professional application is generally safer and recommended.

2.What are eyelash extension clusters?

Eyelash extension clusters are pre-made bunches of individual lashes grouped together. They are designed to be applied to 

natural lashes to add volume and length.

3.What type of adhesive should I use for DIY eyelash extensions?

It's essential to use a high-quality adhesive specifically formulated for eyelash extensions. Look for adhesives that are 

latex-free and designed for sensitive eyes to minimize the risk of irritation.

4.How long do DIY eyelash extensions last?

DIY eyelash extensions typically last for a shorter duration compared to professionally applied extensions. Depending on 

the adhesive used and how well they are cared for, they may last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

5.Can I wear mascara with DIY eyelash extensions clusters?

It's generally not recommended to use mascara with eyelash extensions, as it can cause clumping and premature shedding 

of the extensions. If you desire added volume or length, consider using a mascara specifically formulated for use with eyelash


6.How do I remove DIY eyelash extensions clusters at home?

Removal of DIY eyelash extensions should be done carefully to avoid damaging natural lashes. You can use a specialized 

eyelash extension remover or a gentle oil-based makeup remover to dissolve the adhesive. It's advisable to seek professional 

assistance if you encounter difficulty or discomfort during removal.

7.What should I do if I experience irritation or allergic reactions?

If you experience any discomfort, redness, swelling, or itching during or after DIY eyelash extension application, remove the

 extensions immediately and cleanse the eye area thoroughly. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical advice from a

 healthcare professional.

8.Can I reuse eyelash extension clusters?

Reusing eyelash extension clusters is not recommended for hygiene and safety reasons. Used clusters may harbor bacteria and 

debris, increasing the risk of eye infections and irritation. It's best to use fresh clusters for each application.

9.How do I choose the right size and style of eyelash extension clusters?

The size and style of eyelash extension clusters depend on personal preference and desired look. Consider factors such as 

length, curl, and thickness when selecting clusters. It may be helpful to experiment with different styles to find what suits you 


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