2017-08-16 14:02:08

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions? 

After applying for the eyelash exntensions,how to care for them to last them long.And the below information will help you to take care of your eyelash extensions..  

During the first few hours,please do not touch them.Please keep them dry at least the first 24-36hours,do not wet them,or the longevity will effect.That is to make sure the adhesive as strong as possible.

After the 24 hours,the lash extensions are waterproof,but when swim or in a hot spa daily,will probably affect the lashes.So,try more rubbing them when water gets in eyes.

About a few times a week ,clean them with a foaming lash cleanser.

Please do not use oily products on your eyes or face to keep them last long.

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