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Knot free best individual flare lashes EM62

Knot free best individual flare lashes EM62
Knot free best individual flare lashes EM62
Knot free best individual flare lashes EM62
Knot free best individual flare lashes EM62
Knot free best individual flare lashes EM62
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Knot free best individual flare lashes.This is the new flare individual lash extensions,they are different as the usually knot flare lashes,this lash the root has no knot,so when use,is more easy and can get a more seamless looking.And our knot free flare lashes are with a unique natural style,so very comfortable and natural looking will be.They are the individual lashes that can do DIY,and best quality ones.

Knot free best individual flare lashes.

This lashes are the individual flare lashes,and different as what we usually know about the individual flare lashes,they do not have knot at the root,so they are lighter than the knot lashes,and also when use,they will give a seamless looking.And our knot free invidual flare lashes are with unique design style,have natural looking.

This knot free individual flare lashes are the new ones in 2023,and will become the hottest lashes in 2023.Low price,volume natural looking,high quality,factory directly supply,you can try to get the market and will be very easy to win.

The knot free individual flare lashes detail:

Material:    Synthetic fiber

Thickness:  0.07mm

Length:      8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm

Type   :    10D,20D

Package:   Black round case,60cluster 3lines box,56clusters 4lines box,100pcs per box


This is the knot free individual flare lashes packed in the 3lines trays,20pcs oer line,total 60pcs per box.And each one has an unique natural looking,there is knot free at the root.Each one is with 10hairs,natural look,knot free.


This is 10D knot free flare individual lashes,each one is with 10hairs,and with natural looking.In this package is packed one by one,so easy to pick and use.


Here are the knot free flare indiviudal lashes packed in the lash tray and then in the package box.They can do single length package and also mixed length package.Also can print logo on the tray and box.

The knot free individual flare lashes are the easy to use lashes,with low price,high quality.And they have big demand different market,and also they can do DIY at home,so these lashes are very easy to accept by the users.Under the status of COVID,so this kind of knot free flare individual lashes will be a hot selling lashes.You are worthy to try,and believe you will be sucessful.

FAQs for  knot-free individual flare lashes:

1.What are knot-free individual flare lashes?

Knot-free individual flare lashes are a type of false eyelashes that lack the knot at the base. They are designed to provide a

 more natural look by seamlessly blending with your natural lashes.

2.Are knot-free individual flare lashes easier to apply?

Yes, knot-free lashes are generally easier to apply since the absence of a knot at the base allows for a smoother and more 

natural-looking application.

3.Which material is best for knot-free individual flare lashes?

Knot-free lashes are typically made from synthetic fibers or mink. The choice of material depends on personal preference, 

with synthetic options offering affordability and mink providing a softer, more natural appearance.

4.Do knot-free individual flare lashes come with adhesive?

It varies by brand and product. Some knot-free lash packages include adhesive, while others require you to purchase adhesive 

separately. Always check the product description or packaging to confirm.

5.How do I choose the right length and thickness for my knot-free flare lashes?

The right length and thickness depend on your personal style and the look you want to achieve. Consider your eye shape, 

natural lash length, and the level of drama you desire. Generally, shorter and thinner lashes offer a more natural appearance, while longer and thicker ones create a bolder look.

6.Are knot-free individual flare lashes reusable?

Yes, many knot-free individual flare lashes are designed to be reusable. Proper care, such as gentle removal, cleaning, and 

storing them in their original packaging, can extend their lifespan.

7.How do I apply knot-free individual flare lashes?

Applying knot-free individual flare lashes involves using tweezers to pick up individual lashes and carefully placing them 

along your lash line using lash adhesive. The process may vary slightly depending on the brand and your comfort level with 


8.Do knot-free individual flare lashes damage my natural lashes?

When applied correctly and removed gently, knot-free individual flare lashes shouldn't damage your natural lashes. However, 

improper application, harsh removal, or using low-quality adhesive could potentially cause damage.

9.Can I wear knot-free individual flare lashes every day?

It's possible to wear knot-free individual flare lashes daily, but it's important to give your natural lashes breaks in between to 

maintain their health. Removing lashes carefully and using a gentle adhesive can help prevent strain on your natural lashes.

10.What's the difference between knot-free and knotted individual flare lashes?

The primary difference is in the base of the lashes. Knot-free lashes lack the knot that is present in traditional individual flare 

lashes. This knot-free design allows for a more seamless blend with your natural lashes and easier application.

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