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Premade fanned volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129

Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129
Korean PBT fibers
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
reusable for more than 1 year
Payment terms
T.T,Western Union,Money Gram and Paypal
C,D or customized
8-16mm or customized
Premade fanned volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray.For the premade fanned eyelash extensions,we do 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,8D,9D,10D,12D,14D,20D fans,can do 8-18mm mixed length as need.They made by the high faux mink hairs,have volume Russian effect..Our premade fans have strong soft base,easy to use.
Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray EM129

Premade fanned  volume Russian eyelashes mixed tray

Premade Fanned Volume: These are eyelash extensions that come in a pre-arranged fan shape. In traditional eyelash

 extension application, technicians often create these fans by hand using multiple individual lashes. However, premade

 fans save time as they are already grouped together, ready for application.

Russian Eyelashes: This refers to a specific technique in eyelash extension application. The Russian volume technique 

involves applying multiple lightweight extensions to one natural lash. This creates a fuller and more voluminous look 

compared to classic lash extensions.

Mixed Tray: A tray is a container that holds the individual eyelash extensions. In a mixed tray, you'll find a variety of lengths 

and sometimes thicknesses of eyelashes. This allows the lash technician to achieve a more natural and textured appearance, 

catering to the diverse lengths of a person's natural lashes.

So, when you talk about a "Premade Fanned Volume Russian Eyelashes Mixed Tray," you're essentially referring to a set of 

pre-arranged fans in a tray that includes a mix of different lengths, suitable for creating a voluminous and textured look 

using the Russian volume technique in eyelash extensions.


The premade fans volume eyelash extensions in 10D fans,pointed base,mixed length,can do 8-20mm.Customized package as need,with your own logo brand.


The premade fans are in 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,8D,10D,12D,14D,20D,pointed base,very thin and fine base,when grafting on the real lashes,will no heavy weight,and very seamless to your natural lashes.


Our premade fans lashes are middle tapes,easy to pick up,no split base,easy to use.The 6D premade fans are in 0.07mm thickness,D curl 14mm,give Russian volume looking.


Our premade fans lash extensions are pointed base,thin base than the traditional premade fanned lashes,when grafting,more glues stick on the natural lashes,strong sticking but lightless than traditional fanned lashes.


The premade fans 7D,8D,9D,10D,12D,14D lashes show with pointed base,strong base lashes,best materials,easy to use,long lasting.

The advantages of the Russian volume premade fans lashes:


The customers feedback of the premade fans eyelash extensions:


FAQs for volume premade fanned volume Russian eyelashes:

1.What are premade fanned volume Russian eyelashes?

Answer: Premade fanned volume Russian eyelashes are synthetic lash extensions that come pre-arranged in a fan shape. 

They are designed for the Russian volume technique, where multiple lightweight extensions are applied to one natural lash 

for a fuller look.

2.What is the benefit of using premade fans?

Answer: Premade fans save time during the eyelash extension application process. They eliminate the need for technicians 

to manually create fans, making the process more efficient.

3.What does "mixed tray" mean?

Answer: A mixed tray contains a variety of lash lengths and sometimes thicknesses. This allows lash technicians to achieve a

 natural and textured appearance, catering to the different lengths of a person's natural lashes.

4.How do I choose the right length from a mixed tray?

Answer: The right length depends on the desired look and the client's natural lash length. Generally, shorter lengths are used

for the inner corners, while longer lengths are applied towards the outer corners for a natural and graduated effect.

5.Can beginners use premade fanned volume lashes?

Answer: Yes, beginners can use premade fanned volume lashes. They are user-friendly and save time, making them suitable 

for both experienced technicians and those new to eyelash extensions.

6.Are premade fanned volume lashes customizable?

Answer: While premade fans come pre-arranged, some technicians may still customize them by adjusting the angle or 

combining fans to achieve a specific look.

7.Do premade fans come in different materials?

Answer: Yes, premade fans are available in various materials, including synthetic fibers. It's essential to choose high-quality 

lashes to ensure a natural look and durability.

8.How long do premade fanned volume lashes last?

Answer: The longevity of premade fanned volume lashes depends on factors like aftercare, natural lash growth cycle, and 

the adhesive used. On average, they can last from 2 to 4 weeks.

9.Can premade fanned volume lashes damage natural lashes?

Answer: When applied correctly and with proper aftercare, premade fanned volume lashes should not damage natural lashes.

 It's crucial to follow recommended application techniques and avoid overloading natural lashes with heavy extensions.

10.Where can I purchase premade fanned volume Russian eyelashes mixed trays?

Answer: You can find premade fanned volume lashes mixed trays at beauty supply stores, online retailers specializing in

 eyelash extensions, or through professional lash extension suppliers.

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Name: Misses Mula        time:2024-02-27 10:55:25
Their fans are so natural hairs,not like others I tried plastic.So like the fans softness and easy to pick and use.These lashes are the best I ever used.Will always buy.

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