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Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk EN21

Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk EN21
Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk EN21
Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk EN21
Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk EN21
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Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk.Magnetic eyelashes kit contains 5pairs magnetic eyelashes,2magnetic eyeliners,1 lash applicator.And there are 10magnets on each piece,so small magnets,so light weight,but strong stick.And private label package boxes can be made.This magnetic eyelash kit are made by the best manufacturer,and warm popular in UK market,big demands there.

Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufaturer uk

We have different magnetic eyelashes,1magnet lash,2magnets lash,3magnets lashes,5magnetis eyelashes,6magnets eyelashes,and now 10magnets eyelash.Although is 10magnets on each strip lashes,the magnets is really small,no weight at all.With the high quality magnetic eyeliner,the magnetic eyelash kit is super excellent.And strong stick,really like by UK buyers,and big need in UK.

A "Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufacturer in the UK" refers to a specific cosmetic product and business

 arrangement. Let's break down this term:

Private Label: "Private label" means that a cosmetic product is produced by one company (in this case, an eyelash manufacturer

 in the UK) and then sold or distributed under another company's brand or label. Essentially, you can purchase these magnetic

 eyelash kits and brand them as your own.

Magnetic Eyelash Kit: A magnetic eyelash kit typically includes a set of false eyelashes that adhere to the eyelids using small 

magnets instead of traditional adhesives. These kits often include multiple lash styles, magnetic applicators, and storage cases.

Eyelash Manufacturer: An eyelash manufacturer is a company that specializes in producing eyelash products, including false

 eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and related accessories. In this context, the manufacturer is based in the UK.

UK: This indicates that the eyelash manufacturer and the product are based in the United Kingdom.

In summary, a "Private label magnetic eyelash kit by eyelash manufacturer in the UK" refers to a cosmetic product consisting 

of magnetic eyelashes, accessories, and tools. These products are produced by an eyelash manufacturer in the UK and can be

 purchased for private labeling, allowing other companies or individuals to brand and sell them under their own labels or 

brands. This arrangement is common in the beauty and cosmetic industry, allowing for customization and branding without

 the need for in-house manufacturing.


The magnetic eyelashes kit,5pairs magnetic lashes in the flower shape tray,really beautiful.2magnetic eyeliners,1 scissor and 1 lash applictor,with our package box,also can do private label package boxes.


The clear picture of the magnetic eyelashes,6magnets on each strip,with light weight small magnets,so lashes is no burden,but strong stick,really hot selling and liked by the users in UK.


The criss cross styles each,short to long from inside to outside,also have circle shape,for different choices,all these 2styles are liked by UK users.


FAQs for magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner kit:

1. What is a Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit?

Answer: A Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit is a cosmetic product that includes magnetic false eyelashes, often in various 

styles, along with applicators and storage cases. These kits can be purchased by businesses or individuals and branded with

 their own labels for resale.

2. How does the magnetic eyelash system work?

Answer: Magnetic eyelashes feature tiny magnets along the lash strips. When you sandwich your natural lashes between

 the upper and lower magnetic lash strips, they attach to each other, holding the magnetic lashes in place.

3. What are the advantages of using magnetic eyelashes?

Answer: Magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply, do not require traditional adhesive, and can be reused multiple times. They

 are a convenient and mess-free alternative to traditional false lashes.

4. Can I customize the packaging and branding of the Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit?

Answer: Yes, one of the primary benefits of private labeling is the ability to customize the packaging and branding of the

 kit to suit your brand's identity and preferences.

5. Are magnetic eyelashes safe to use for individuals with sensitive eyes or allergies?

Answer: Magnetic eyelashes can be a suitable option for individuals with sensitive eyes or allergies because they eliminate

 the need for lash adhesive. However, it's essential to ensure the materials used are hypoallergenic.

6. How can I place an order for a Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit from the UK manufacturer?

Answer: To place an order, you can typically contact the manufacturer directly through their website or customer service.

 They will guide you through the ordering process, including customization options and pricing.

7. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for private labeling magnetic eyelash kits?

Answer: The MOQ can vary among manufacturers. It's advisable to inquire about the MOQ when discussing your specific 

requirements with the manufacturer.

8. Do the kits come with instructions for application and care?

Answer: Yes, reputable manufacturers often include detailed instructions for applying and caring for the magnetic eyelashes

 in the kits to ensure the best results.

9. Are there different lash styles and lengths available in these kits?

Answer: Yes, Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kits usually offer a variety of lash styles and lengths to suit different preferences

 and occasions.

10. What is the turnaround time for receiving a private label order of magnetic eyelash kits from the UK manufacturer?

- Answer: Turnaround times can vary based on the manufacturer's production capacity and your customization requirements.

 It's best to inquire about estimated delivery times when placing your order.

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Name: Gina De        time:2021-09-18 15:18:14
The lashes are so dramatic,10magnets,really really small magnets and although 10magnets on them ,the lashes are so light weight,and strong sticky,so good,really love.

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