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The Classification of Magnetic Eyelashes

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The Classification of Magnetic Eyelashes
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                                   The Classification of Magnetic Eyelashes


The magnetic eyelashes are the easiest wearing lashes,and always popular and hot selling from the launching.And with the different need for the magnetic lashes,they have different styles in different classification.Now they have 4 different styles:One is 2pieces one eye,upper and bottom clip magnetic eyelashes;Two is Magnetic eyeliner magnetic lashes;Three is Magic eyeliner pencil magnetic eyelashes;Four is Quantum magnetic lashes.


Now let us see the details for these 4 different kinds of magnetic eyelashes:


1st one,upper and bottom clip magnetic eyelashes.

Please see the picture,it is easy to see,there are total 4pieces of lashes,each piece and each eye need to use 2pieces.And have half lash and full lashes,and half lash have one magnet,2magnets.The full lashes have 3magnets,4magnets,5magnets as need.


2nd one,Magnetic eyeliner magnetic eyelashes.

The magnetic eyeliner just like the eyeliner to apply on the lash line,it have magnets,so the magnetic lashes can wear on it directly after using the magentic eyeliner.

Use the magnetic eyeliner,only need one piece lash for each eye.

 magnetic-eyeiner-and magnetic-eyelashes-set-custom-package.jpg

3rd one,Magic eyeliner pencil magnetic eyelashes.

The magic eyeliner just like the lash glue,can use for regular strip lashes and also the magnetic lashes.Due to is eyeliner pencil,so very easy to use.

Use the magic eyeliner,only need one piece lash for each eye.


4th one,Quantum magnetic lashes.

The quantum magnetic lashes,the magnets on the lashes are with curl,so more suit for the eyes shape,much more easy to wear.


Each of the magnetic lashes have their own advantages,which one do you like?You can have a try for them all.


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