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0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65

0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65
high quality PBT fibers
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Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
1 year
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C,D curl,or customized
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes.Our premade fans are made with the best materials,and quality guaranteed,they will be the best premade fans lashes you ever used.These voloume premade fans lashes are made with the thin 0.03mm materials,so even if 12D,14D,16D,the lash fans are still not heavy,they are soft light weight and easy to use.They are mega volume fans,give you the full lashes looking.
0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes EM65

0.03mm 12D 14D 16D volume premade fans lashes

The thickness : 0.03mm 

Curl:  C,D,or customized

Length: 8-16,or 18mm

Style:12D,14D,16D pointed tip

Package: 12lines small package,12lines big package

                16lines big package,20lines big package 


The details pictures of the volume premade fns eyelash extensions


The 14D volume premade fans lashes are with 12lines in a tray,each line is 10pcs volume fans,and with pointed tip.Our pointed tip volume lash extensions tips are so thin,very easy to use.The lash hairs are in 0.03mm thickness,soft and light weight,volume fans but comfortable feeling.


Here is the different volume,hybrid and mega volume fans 7D,9D,10D,12D,14D.This is a big tray with each line 20fans,mixed tray,also can mixed lash lengths in a tray as customized.The mixed trays will be much easier to use,really convenient.premade-volume-lashes-fans.webp

How beautiful of the 12D premade fans!Thin hairs,thin pointed tips,big fans.Our premade fans eyelash extensions use the best materials,to ensure each of our lash fans are in good quality,no split the root,standard thickness,standard long lasting curls,easy to pick up from the lash tapes.All of our volume premade fans will give you the best feeling,you will love our lashes after using.

We are the prefessionally premade fans eyelashes manufacturer for more than 17years,the reason we can last long is we put quality in the first important place.Aslo after a long period of development,we can control our lashes cost low.So from here you can get the best quality fans lashes with low price.After you get our lashes,good quality and also low price,so you will have strong competitive advantage,will be very easy to win in the market.

Have the quality lashes is very important,only your eyelashes are good quality,your users will like them,and then buy again and again from you,and also they also will introduce their friend to buy from you,gradually your will have good reputation and loyal customers,and will have more and more customers and surely your business will do big and big.Otherwise,if your quality is bad,maybe when you buy them,they are cheaper than others,but bad quality lashes cant go far.Firstly,maybe have users buy from you,after they tested,but not good quality,they will ask you refund.Not only one users will do so,but all of the users will do so,ask refund.Easily to know,no one will buy from you,all your lashes will keep at your hand,will be useless for you.Maybe firstly you paid less than others,you thought you earned,but finally all your lashes cant sell out,it is a lose for you.Not make any a little point discount on your lashes quality.

What of ours advantage is not only have quality premade fans eyelashes but also our lashes are low reasonable price.

So the lashes ordered from us,even if you sell lower than others in the market,you still will be earned.Order from is a very good and wise choice.

FAQs for 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fan lashes ?

1.What are 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fan lashes?

12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fan lashes are types of false eyelashes that come in pre-made fan formations, consisting 

of 12, 14, or 16 ultra-fine individual lash extensions. These lashes are designed to create a voluminous and dramatic look with

 a single application.

2.How are these volume premade fans different from regular lash extensions?

Regular lash extensions are typically applied one by one to each natural lash, while volume premade fan lashes come 

pre-arranged in fan formations. This allows for a quicker application process and a more dramatic volume effect.

3.Are 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fans suitable for daily wear?

While they can be worn daily, 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fans are generally more dramatic and suited for special

 occasions or those who prefer a bold look. For daily wear, you might opt for lower-volume lash extensions.

4.How long do 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fans last?

The longevity of these lashes can vary based on factors like your natural lash growth cycle, aftercare, and the adhesive used.

 On average, they can last around 2 to 4 weeks before needing a touch-up or fill.

5.Can I apply 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fans on my own?

While it's possible to apply these lashes at home, it's generally recommended to have them applied by a trained lash technician

 to ensure proper placement and reduce the risk of damaging your natural lashes.

6.Can I use mascara on 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fans?

Using mascara on volume premade fans is generally not recommended, as it can cause the fans to become heavy and clump

 together. Mascara can also affect the adhesive bond and lead to premature lash loss.

7.How do I clean and care for 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fan lashes?

To clean these lashes, use a lash cleanser and a soft brush to gently cleanse the lash line, taking care not to rub or tug on the

 fans. Avoid using oil-based products around the eye area, as they can weaken the adhesive.

8.Can I swim, shower, or exercise with 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fan lashes?

It's generally best to avoid exposing your lashes to excessive moisture for the first 24 to 48 hours after application to allow 

the adhesive to fully cure. After that period, you can engage in these activities, but pat your lashes dry gently afterward.

9.Are these volume premade fans suitable for people with sensitive eyes?

If you have sensitive eyes, you should discuss your concerns with a lash technician before getting volume premade fan lashes. 

Some individuals with sensitivities may experience discomfort or irritation from the adhesive.

10.How do I remove 12D, 14D, and 16D volume premade fan lashes?

Lash extensions should be removed by a professional lash technician using specialized adhesive remover. Attempting 

to remove them yourself could damage your natural lashes.

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