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2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes EM63

2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes EM63
2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes EM63
2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes EM63
2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes EM63
2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes EM63
pbt fibers
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Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
1 year
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C,D or customized
2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes.The lashes are made by high quality black PBT materials.They are in fans one by one have big trays 16lines,20lines or 12lines in small trays.The lashes are in 8D,10D,12D,14D in mega volume.The lashes are in pointed tip,thin root,easy to take from tapes and no residue, kinking, or sticking to their neighboring lash.They are the best mega volume premade fans lashes,and are the hot lashes in 2023.

2023 best mega volume premade fans lashes

Megan volume premade fans lasehes

6D,7D,8D,10D,12D,14D,pointed tip

0.05,0.07,0.10mm thickness

8-16mm thickness,C,D curls

12lines small package,16lines,20lines XL package

Customized package


Here are the mega volume premade fans 14D eyelash extensions,pointed tip lashes in middle tapes,16lines each package and each lines are with 20pcs premade fans.The lashes tip is thin,really easy to use and long lasting curls.This mega volume premade fans are packed in the clear cover arcylic package box,and also can customized to do magnetic boxes as need with customized logo.


This is the 6D premade fans lashes with pointed tip in middle tape lashes.16lines each box,and 20fans each line,total is 320 fans each box.This megan volume fans are easy to pick up and easy to use,strong root,no split,and light weight,the lash hairs are soft and light weight,really confortable to wear.


12D mega volume premade fans eyelashes,2023 best premade fans eyelashes.Although 12hairs each fans,the tip,root is still thin and light weight.This tray is 12lines small box with mixed lengths,and each line is 10fans,total is 120fans this box.And this is the black arcylic box,and also can do white,red,gold boxes,many different colors for choices.

The premade fans eyelashes are the most popular lashes,they are much easier to use than the individual lash extensions,so they are always called the best eyelashes to use.The lashes are in fans already,so when use,no need to take time to make the fans,can graft directly,so they are the most popular eyelash extensions.No matter yourself,technician,lash beauty shop,beauty salons,etc,they all love the premade fans eyelashes.They can give mega volume effect or natural effect according to need to use the small fans or the mega volume fans lashes.

And now we can do any kinds of fans from 3D-14D,20D,30D,and stock materials so can do fast shipment for orders.If you need fans lashes suppliers,choose us will be a nice choice.Our volume premade fans eyelashes are with best materials,long lasting curls,easy to use,and we are the directly professional premade fans lashes manufacturer,so we have the price advantage.

FAQs for mega volume premade fans lashes:

1.What are mega volume premade fan lashes?

Mega volume premade fan lashes are a type of false eyelashes that come in pre-made fan formations with an exceptionally 

high number of ultra-fine individual lash extensions. These lashes are designed to create an intense, full, and glamorous look.

2.How are mega volume premade fans different from other types of lash extensions?

Mega volume premade fan lashes contain an even higher number of lash extensions per fan compared to other volume 

lash types like 3D, 6D, or 9D. This creates a more dramatic and intense voluminous effect.

3.Are mega volume premade fan lashes suitable for everyday wear?

Mega volume lashes are known for their intense look, making them more suitable for special occasions, events, or individuals

who prefer a bold and dramatic appearance. For daily wear, you might opt for less voluminous lash options.

4.How long do mega volume premade fan lashes last?

The longevity of mega volume premade fan lashes can vary depending on factors such as your natural lash growth cycle, 

aftercare practices, and the quality of the adhesive used. On average, they can last around 2 to 4 weeks before needing

 a touch-up or fill.

5.Can I apply mega volume premade fan lashes on my own?

Applying mega volume lashes can be quite challenging due to the intricate placement and the potential for affecting your 

natural lashes if not done correctly. It's recommended to have them applied by a trained lash technician.

6.Can I use mascara on mega volume premade fan lashes?

Using mascara on mega volume lashes is generally not necessary and can potentially make the lashes heavier and cause

 clumping. The goal of mega volume lashes is to provide ample volume without mascara.

7.How do I clean and care for mega volume premade fan lashes?

To clean mega volume lashes, use a lash cleanser and a soft brush to gently cleanse the lash line and extensions, ensuring

 you don't rub or tug on them. Avoid using oil-based products near the eye area, as they can weaken the adhesive.

8.Can I swim, shower, or exercise with mega volume premade fan lashes?

Similar to other lash extensions, it's best to avoid exposing mega volume lashes to excessive moisture for the first 24 to 48 

hours after application to allow the adhesive to fully cure. After that period, you can engage in these activities, but pat your

 lashes dry gently afterward.

9.Are mega volume premade fan lashes suitable for people with sensitive eyes?

Individuals with sensitive eyes should discuss their concerns with a lash technician before getting mega volume lashes. 

The adhesive used and the weight of the lash fans could potentially cause discomfort or irritation.

10.How do I remove mega volume premade fan lashes?

Mega volume lash extensions should only be removed by a professional lash technician using specialized adhesive remover.

 Attempting to remove them yourself could lead to damage or loss of natural lashes.

As always, follow the aftercare instructions provided by your lash technician and ask any specific questions you have about 

mega volume premade fan lashes to ensure the best results and care for your eyelashes.

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