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Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44

Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44
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Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions.The wispy lash fans have 5D,7D and 9D,the lashes fans are in premade,and the lash hairs are regular thin hairs two sides and have a mega volume thick hair in the middle,so the fans are so special,really wispy looking,and after grafting on the eyes,the eyes are glaming and big,very smart.
Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions EM44

Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions

Certainly, I'd be happy to provide a detailed explanation of premade fans with wispy 5D, 7D, and 9D volume eyelash extensions.

Premade Fans: Premade fans are groups of multiple lash extensions that are already fanned out and held together at the 

base by a small adhesive strip. These fans come in various volume options, such as 5D, 7D, and 9D, which represent the 

number of individual lashes in each fan.

Wispy Effect: The "wispy" effect refers to a lash look characterized by alternating lengths and a natural, fluttery appearance. 

The lashes are designed to mimic the look of natural lashes with varying lengths.

5D, 7D, and 9D Volume: The numbers 5D, 7D, and 9D indicate the number of lash extensions in each premade fan. Here's

 what each term means:

5D: In a 5D fan, there are five individual lash extensions attached to the base of the fan. This creates a denser and more 

voluminous look compared to classic lash extensions.

7D: In a 7D fan, there are seven individual lash extensions attached to the base of the fan. This provides even more volume 

and intensity.

9D: In a 9D fan, there are nine individual lash extensions attached to the base of the fan. This creates a very full and dramatic

 lash appearance.

Application Process:

Preparation: Begin by preparing your work area and ensuring your client's natural lashes are clean and free from any makeup 

or oils.

Selecting Fans: Choose the premade fan volume (5D, 7D, 9D) based on your client's desired look and the natural lash health. 

Thicker natural lashes can generally support denser fans.

Adhesive Application: Apply a small amount of lash adhesive onto your adhesive holder or sticker. Use a high-quality adhesive

 formulated for volume lash applications.

Picking Up a Fan: Using tweezers, gently pick up a premade fan from the tray. Ensure that all lashes in the fan are attached 


Dipping in Adhesive: Dip the adhesive-coated base of the premade fan into the lash adhesive. Avoid excessive adhesive to 

prevent clumping.

Placement: Place the adhesive-coated base of the fan onto a single natural lash, close to the lash line. Ensure that the fan is 

attached securely and doesn't touch the skin.

Pressing and Bonding: Gently press the fan onto the natural lash for a few seconds. This allows the adhesive to bond the fan 

to the natural lash effectively.

Continuing Application: Continue this process along the lash line, adhering fans to different natural lashes to achieve a 

voluminous look.

Trimming (if needed): If the premade fans are longer than desired, use small, sharp scissors to trim them to create a wispy 

and tapered appearance.

Final Checks: After applying all the fans, check for any loose or unevenly placed fans. Adjust as needed.

Drying Time: Allow the adhesive to fully dry according to the adhesive's recommended drying time before the client moves

 or opens their eyes.

Aftercare Instructions: Provide your client with aftercare guidelines to ensure the longevity of the lash extensions.

Premade fans with wispy 5D, 7D, and 9D volume are an excellent option for achieving a dramatic and voluminous lash look

with less intricate work compared to hand-made volume fans. Remember that practice and skill development are crucial for

 achieving the best results. If you're new to this technique, consider seeking training or guidance from a professional lash technician.

Premade fans wispy 5D,7D,9D volume eyelash extensions 

The wispy fans are in 0.07mm thickness,can do C,D curls as need,do customized length.

The fans are premade,with long stem,middle hairs are mage thick volume,and the side hairs are regular thin hairs.The premade fans are 5D fans eyelash extensions,packed in the rectangular strong white package box,12 rows in one box,and 10pieces premade 5D fans in each row,the package total is 120fans,volume package.Our premade fans are with long stem,easy to use,they lashes fans are easy to take,and no glue on them,and the fans keep good.


5D-7D-9D fans-eyelash-extensions.jpg

This is the wispy 9D premade fans lashes,sides each have 4hairs and a volume thick hair in middle,that makes the lashes so charming.The lash tray is with 12rows each,and can do same length for the 12rows also can do mixed length.And aslo can do 16rows,18rows,20rows per tray as need.The long stem root keep the fans good,cant loose.


This is the color brown wispe fans with long stem 5D premade fans.The brown color give the black color some decorate,make your eyes so special.This is the XL tray,each row have 20pieces wispy 5D fans,and 16rows each tray,so totally is 320pieces wispy fans.The mixed length in one tray,so more choices,only one tray,you can finish one grafting.Easy and saving more time.

The Wispy fans lash extensions are new and many beauties love them,you can try,believe it will be easy for you to stand on the market.And especially the color wispy premade fans eyelashes,no others have,we do them firstly.We have brown,purple and blue color,if you like other colors also can customize for you.Believe you will have hot selling.

FAQs for Premade wispy fans lash extensions:

1. What are Premade Fans Wispy Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Premade fans are pre-fanned clusters of lashes designed to create volume and texture. Wispy 5D, 7D, and 9D refers to

 the number of lash strands in each fan, contributing to a fuller and fluffier appearance.

2. How do Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions differ from other lash extension types?

These extensions come in ready-made fans, which means multiple lashes are bonded together at the base. This allows

 for a quicker application process compared to hand-making fans with individual lashes.

3. Can I apply Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions myself?

While they are designed for professional application, some experienced individuals might be able to apply them at home.

 However, it's recommended to have a trained lash technician apply them for the best results.

4. How long do Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions last?

These extensions can last around 4 to 6 weeks, similar to other volume lash extensions. Regular fills are advised to maintain

 the fullness as your natural lashes shed.

5. Can I wear makeup with Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions?

Yes, you can wear makeup, but use oil-free and water-based products to avoid damaging the adhesive. When removing 

makeup, be gentle to preserve the lash extensions.

6. How do I remove Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions?

Lash extensions should only be removed by a trained professional. Attempting to remove them yourself may damage your 

natural lashes and the delicate eye area.

7. Can I customize the look of these extensions?

Absolutely! You can work with your lash technician to customize the look by choosing different lengths, curls, and the number 

of lashes in each fan to achieve your desired level of volume and drama.

8. Are Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions suitable for everyone?

They are generally safe, but if you have allergies, sensitivities, or other eye conditions, it's recommended to consult with a 

lash professional before getting extensions.

9. How do I care for Premade Fans Wispy Volume Extensions?

Avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours after application.

Use a lash extension-safe cleanser for cleaning.

Brush them gently with a spoolie to maintain their appearance.

Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on the extensions.

10. How long does the application process take?

The application time varies depending on the desired volume and skill of the technician, but it generally takes around 2 to 3

 hours for a full set.

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