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Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83

Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83
Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83
Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83
Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83
Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83
Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon EM83
cashmere hairs
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Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon.The lashes are lash extensions,in lines and lines in a lash tray,made by the soft cashmere hairs.They are volume layers,and can make the 2D-20D lash fans as need,easily.One easy fan lash tray equals about 14trays of premade fans.And the lash trays are different lengths mixed in a tray,so when grafting the lashes,only one tray is enough,different lengths for a full eye need.And we supply many suppliers on amazon,and order from us have absolute price advantage.

Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon


The cashmere easy fan lash tray,is one tray in C curl,16rows per tray,mixed different lengths.This lash tray is packed in a white arcylic box,and can do private logo and with your website,also the mixed lengths numbers can print on your logo cards,also curls,very detailed.These easy fan extensions are easy to make lash fans,no technique need,and can makd 2D-20D,30D,40D easily as need.We supply for amazon suppliers and our wholesale price is lower than amazon.


Here are 2 rows of the cashmere easy fan lash extensions from the trays.The easy fan lash extensions are volume thick,and cashmere hairs are matte black color,they are magic to make the fans,and you can make any perfect fans easily as need,easy to use.


Our cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon,the easy fan lash extensions have different thickness,0.03mm,0.05mm,0.07mm thickness,and they can make 2D-20D,30D,40D as need.The fans are perfect,saving time when grafting.


The easy fan lash trays are made made with the new technology for adhesive strip,have no stick after picking up and open the big fans,can make any number of large flowers as need.And there is glue on the tapes after picking up.


Here are the grafting effect of the easy fan eyelash extensions,you can make volume,hybrid,mega volume fans.So beautiful eyelashes,different shape can make as you want.

Cashmere easy fan mixed lash trays amazon

The easy fan eyelash extensions are made by cashmere hairs,are with matte black color,give natural color looking.The lash trays are designed to make perfect and consistent fans every time,and by isolating different lash hairs in each row,you can get the perfect fans every time.And the easy fans greatly save the grafting time.One tray of easy fans lash extension is equal about 4trays of premade fans lash extensions,and they are easy to use as the premade fans lashes,so these easy fan mixed lash trays are much more saving money.

How to make the fans with the easy fan eyelash extensions:


How to make the fans for the easy fan eyelash extensions trays?That is very easy,only need 3 steps.

1st, Push Aside:  Take the appropriate lashes(how many hairs you want) to the right (If you are used to using your left hand, and vice versa)and push them apart from the lash tray line lashes.

2nd,Back:   Return the selected eyelashes in the opposite direction to the shape of flowering.

3rd,Push Aside:   Extract the lashes by dipping the glue for grafting.

How easy to make the perfect fans,saving money and saving time.Have a try,you will ove our cashmere easy fan lash trays!

FAQs for easy fan lash extensions:

1.What are Cashmere Easy Fan Mixed Lash Trays?

Cashmere Easy Fan Mixed Lash Trays are pre-made lash fans with mixed lengths, designed to simplify the process of 

creating volume lash extensions. The "Cashmere" refers to the material used, which is often a lighter and softer synthetic fiber.

2.How do Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes differ from traditional lash extensions?

Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes are pre-fanned, which means the lash extensions are already arranged in a fan shape, making 

it easier for lash technicians to apply them and create a voluminous look without manually creating fans.

3.Are Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes suitable for beginners or only experienced lash artists?

They can be suitable for both beginners and experienced artists. The pre-made fans can simplify the process for beginners, 

while experienced artists can benefit from faster application times.

4.How do I use Cashmere Easy Fan Mixed Lash Trays?

Simply pick up a pre-made fan from the tray using your tweezers, dip the base in adhesive, and then apply it to the natural lash.

5.Can I customize the look using Cashmere Easy Fan Lash Trays?

While the lengths are mixed in each tray, you can still create a customized look by selecting specific fans with different lengths 

for specific areas of the lash line.

6.Do Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes provide a natural look or a dramatic look?

The look can be customized based on the number of lash extensions in each fan and the lengths used. You can achieve both 

natural and dramatic looks.

7.How long do Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes last?

The longevity of the lashes depends on factors like the adhesive used, aftercare, and the individual's natural lash growth cycle.

8.Can I apply Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes to myself, or do I need a professional?

While it's possible to apply them yourself, it's recommended to have a trained lash technician apply them for the best results

 and to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

9.Can I use oil-based makeup removers or products with Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes?

It's generally best to use oil-free makeup removers and products to avoid weakening the adhesive bond.

10.Do Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes require special aftercare?

Similar to other lash extensions, proper aftercare is important. Avoid rubbing your eyes, excessive moisture, and oil-based


11.Can I remove Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes myself?

It's recommended to have a professional remove them to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

12.Are Cashmere Easy Fan Lashes suitable for sensitive eyes or allergies?

They can be suitable, but it's important to discuss any sensitivities with your lash technician and ensure they use appropriate


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Name: Annie        time:2023-02-21 16:47:23
I love it,I love the dark matte black color,very soft and easy to make the fans,saving my time when grafting for my customers.Will order again

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