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DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97

DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon EM97
DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon.The lash extensions in Russian DD curl,volume and natural.The lashes are in clusters,like individual lash extensions,grafting on eyes,but you can do yourself,only wear them like the strip lashes,very easy.And also our DIY lash extensions are reusable,the related DIY lash extensions tweezers,the bond,sealant and remover to make them in a kit use,very convenient.And we do for some amazon sellers,we have a much better price than amazon.

DIY russian lash extensions kit amazon 


The eyelsah extensions are in Russian DD curl,fluffy and full,they are in segments,can directly use.Like the eyelash extensions,can make 3-5segments as eye shape,and to make different beautiful effect.The Russian DD curl is beautiful,thick,natural and easy to complex with your natural lashes.Much better price than Amazon.


Russian DD curl DIY lash extensions,the lash hairs is about 16mm-18mm length,and lashes are cutted into segments already,no need to cut,can directly wear.This is the DIY lash extension 10pairs per tray,volume tray.


Here are different 6 styles of the DIY lash extensions Russian lash kit.Natural styles,volume full styles for choices.Also sell the amazon suppliers and we do much more competitive price than amazon,can directly order from us.


Here are DIY Russian lash extensions lash hairs length,the lash band length for our 6 different DIY lash styles.


They are the DIY eyelash extensions kit use of DIY lash bond,sealant and remover,they are strong stick and easy to remove of the Russian DIY eyelash extensions,are very good kit for the DIY lash extensions.


Here are the Russian DIY eyelash extensions kit of lash applictors tweezers.10 different colors for choices,and each of them can be with the lash tweezer bag.Our DIY lash extensions kit tweezers are in good materials,beautiful colors,very easy and convenient to wear for the Russian DIY eyelash extensions.The necessary kit for DIY eyelash extensions.

The DIY eyelash extensions are the most popular and easy to use lashes,they are handmade eyelashes,slender and full,no plastic feeling.The cotton bands are soft and lightweight,use 3-5eyelash extensions clusters,easy to make a natural look.Can use one lash style or combine different styles to make different lash shapes.These Russian DIY eyelash extensions are very good for the eyelash beginners to do the eyelash shapes at home,save time and money,so these DIY eyelash extensions kits are a very good choice for eyelashes business.

The DIY Russian eyelash extensions kit amazon,have DIY lashes,the DIY lashes bond,sealant,remover,DIY lash applicator to combine the lash extensions kit.Can do customized package to put the Russian DIY eyelash extensions,bond,sealant,remover and the tweezer in one lash box,that kit will be easy to use,and hot selling in amazon.

FAQs for the DIY russian lash extensions kit:

1.What is a DIY Russian lash extensions kit?

A DIY Russian lash extensions kit is a package that includes the necessary tools and materials for applying the Russian

 volume lash technique at home. This technique involves creating handmade lash fans with multiple fine extensions per

 natural lash.

2.What's typically included in a DIY Russian lash extensions kit?

Kits usually include various lengths of individual lashes, lash adhesive, specialized tweezers for volume application, 

under-eye patches or gel pads, and sometimes additional tools like lash spoolies.

3.Can beginners use a DIY Russian lash extensions kit?

The Russian volume lash technique requires a higher level of skill compared to classic lash extensions. While beginners

 can attempt it, it may take practice to achieve professional-looking results.

4.What is the Russian volume lash technique?

The Russian volume technique involves creating handmade lash fans by attaching multiple fine extensions to a single

 natural lash, resulting in a fuller and more voluminous appearance.

5.How do I choose the right lengths and thicknesses of extensions for a DIY Russian lash extensions kit?

Choose extensions that match the desired look you want to achieve while considering the health and strength of your

 natural lashes.

6.Are there any specific instructions for creating lash fans with a DIY Russian lash extensions kit?

Yes, the kit should provide instructions on how to create lash fans using the extensions and specialized tweezers. 

It's important to practice this technique for better results.

7.How long do DIY Russian lash extensions last?

The duration varies, but in general, Russian volume lashes can last around 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the quality of the 

adhesive and your care routine.

8.Can I wear makeup with DIY Russian lash extensions?

Yes, you can wear makeup, but be cautious when removing makeup around the eye area to avoid damaging the extensions.

9.What is the aftercare routine for DIY Russian lash extensions?

Aftercare involves avoiding moisture, oil-based products near the lashes, and rubbing your eyes. Regularly brushing the

lashes with a spoolie is recommended.

10.Can I swim, shower, or engage in physical activities with DIY Russian lash extensions?

It's recommended to avoid water and steam for the first 24-48 hours after application to allow the adhesive to fully cure.

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Name: Wendy        time:2023-05-31 15:43:22
The Russian D curl is extremely good,curly enough,no need any curler again.The curl last good,the lashes are good quality,I used about 5times now,still are in wearing them.The lash shapes are good,I do DIY as like,really like.

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