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Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk EM08

Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk EM08
Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk EM08
Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk EM08
Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk EM08
Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk EM08
Korean PBT fibers
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
Payment terms
T.T,Western Union,Money Gram and Paypal
Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk.The volume premade fans 5D 6D eyelash extensions give a full lash line and create a dramatic looking for you.Volume false eyelashes are the best eyelashes that easy to use,but give long lasting effect.We ensure each of our Russian volume lashes are the best,with good curl,long lasting curl,strong base,not split,and easy to grafting.Ours volume lashes are the best false eyelashes.And in UK,we have many loyal fans,always ordered our Russian volume fans lashes,and only due to our good quality,best price and best service.

Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk

Our Russian volume false eyelashes are the best false eyelashes for UK.We use the best materials,and made by the experienced workers,during making,if have not good ones,will take them out,and after finish ,inspect again for them all. And what is the problem for the Russian volume premade fans eyelashes?

 1.The eyelashes have wide basedo not sit well on the natural eyelashes.That make the lashes are slow to apply,have to untangle them when use,that waste time.

 2.There are lots of glues at the bottom of the eyelashes.After grafting,it becomes clumsy on the natural lashes.  

3.The premade fans eyelashes are not holding the curls well,not pulling off of the base nicely. 

4.The premade fans eyelashes base split when take from the tapes. Do you meet with these problems when you ordered the Russian volume premade fans eyelashes?Please be pay much attention on the problems.

For our Russian volume false eyelashes are the best false eyelashes.Surely not these 4 problems mentioned above.Our volume eyelashes keep curls and fans well,the root strong enough and easy to apply for.Lasting long time,give the fuller looking.And Uk salons really like our Russian volume best false eyelashes,they can help them to gain many loyal customers.Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk .

                                     Production Description

Product Name

Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk


Korean pbt fibers








Hand made


Natural Black


20trays per size




Custom package is available


Available,and we do wholesale with your private label packages

Payment Terms

T.T,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram

Shipment Terms

By Sea,Air or Express

Delivery Time

15-20 working days as your order details,5-7days if stocked

Russian volume best false eyelashes for uk pictures:


The Russian volume premade fand 6D false eyelashes have short thin stem,each piece has 6hairs,and the hairs are same length.They can be made into C curl and D curl,when applying,these volume premade fans false eyelashes,give a really hybrid volume full looking.6D best volume eyelashes.


The 13mm premade fans Russian volume false eyelashes,and the 12mm,13mm are the mostly used,really popular.Usually do 0.05,0.07,0.10mm thickness and 8-15mm length.From last year,the 0.10mm thickness is really popular and sell more,and also have 16-18mm length.And for 0.05mm need to customized,and also can do private label package.Ours premade fans Russian volume eyelashes are the best false eyelashes.


The full tray of the Russian volume false eyelashes,in 6D premade fans.Packed in white base clear upper boxes,12 rows each tray,and 10 volume pieces each strip,total tray is 120volume tray.If you like to do XL big trays,we customized do,that is 320pieces per tray.Also the base cards can do private label cards with your own logo.The most important is the volume eyelashes have stable curl,thin strong base,easy to apply and long lasting.

The details information about Volume premade fans false eyelashes:


Short stem 6D fans volume false eyelashes,also have 2D,3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,8D,9D,10D,20D premade fans false eyelashes.8-15mm length,can do single length and also mixed length.


3D,4D,5D,6D premade volume fans false eyelashes,what do you like the most?All quality guaranteed.We do 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,8D,9D,10D high quality premade fans eyelash extensions,and all of them are quality guaranteed.And we are in mass production for these premade fans lashes,and these fans lashes are in big demands.If you want to do your eyelash business,and choose the premade eyelash extensions and we offer the lashes you need,as the your strong backing to support you,to ensure you have enough lashes to offer for your customers need.Only your lashes quality is good,you will have your customers to buy from you.Mostly we pay more attention on the lashes quality,but not the cheap price.What quality eyelashes have their value.If you only consider of cheap price,maybe you will lose.Only the cheap quality eyelashes have the cheap price.But for the cheap price lashes,will cannt sell.That is very important for all of us.

We only supply Russian volume best false eyelashes for our UK customers and all overy the world customers.

The related eyelash extensions Tools & Kits:


Different of the lash tools and kit can purchase here,and we customize and do private label as you need.

The voice from our eyelashes users:


If we say good quality for our Russian volume lashes ,that is not the real good,only our users they said good,that is the real good quality.You can see the excellent feedback.And also welcome you to try our samples to test yourself.Believe you will love them!

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I really like them,would like to proceed with an order,would like to discuss the customization!Good quality and service!!

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Just got the trays ,love the quality.I am going to do private label.

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