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Best eyelash extension super bonder EM37

Best eyelash extension super bonder EM37
Best eyelash extension super bonder EM37
Best eyelash extension super bonder EM37
Best eyelash extension super bonder EM37
Best eyelash extension super bonder EM37
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Best eyelash extension super bonder.The super bonder seals the adhesive effectively,without shocking curing.The superbonder cures any lash adhesive from the inside out-in just 3minutes!The super bonder works for any lash adhesive,we supply the best eyelash extensions glue super bonder.

Best eyelash extension super bonder

Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive bonding points,providing additional felxibility,thus making them seamless to touch and less prone to break,which helps maximixe the retension and keeps your clients satisfied. After using Superbonder, the lashes will be wet only 3 minutes after the product is applied. Gone are the days of waiting 24 hours for lash adhesive to cure.That is the 

New Revolutionary Product,Maximize Lash Rentenion,it works with any adhesive.



How to use the eyelash extension glue super bonder:


FAQs for eyelash extension super bonder :

1. What is an eyelash extension super bonder?

An eyelash extension super bonder is a specialized adhesive product used in the lash extension application process. It is designed to bond and seal the adhesive used to attach the extensions, providing a stronger and longer-lasting bond.

2. How does a super bonder differ from regular lash adhesive?

A super bonder is used as an additional step after applying the regular lash adhesive. It helps to cure and lock in the adhesive, reducing fumes and promoting a more secure bond between the extensions and natural lashes.

3. What are the benefits of using a super bonder for eyelash extensions?

Benefits of using a super bonder include:

  • Increased bond strength and retention.

  • Reduced chances of lash extensions prematurely falling off.

  • Minimized fumes and irritation for the client.

  • Improved overall lash extension durability.

4. How do I use an eyelash extension super bonder?

After applying lash extensions using regular adhesive, apply a small amount of super bonder to the base of the lash extensions. Allow it to dry for a few seconds before proceeding with any further lash application or client activities.

5. Can I use any super bonder with any lash adhesive?

It's recommended to use a super bonder that is specifically designed to work with the lash adhesive brand you're using. Different formulations may interact differently with various adhesives.

6. Is a super bonder safe for clients?

When used properly, super bonders are generally safe for clients. However, it's important to perform a patch test on a small area to ensure the client does not have an adverse reaction to the product.

7. Can I use a super bonder if I'm not a trained lash technician?

Super bonders are typically used by trained lash technicians who have a good understanding of lash extension application and safety. If you're not trained in lash extensions, it's recommended to leave this step to professionals.

8. Can a super bonder damage natural lashes or extensions?

When used correctly, super bonders should not damage natural lashes or extensions. They are formulated to enhance the bond strength without causing harm.

9. How often should a super bonder be used during a lash extension appointment?

A super bonder is usually applied after the lash extensions have been attached to the natural lashes. It's used as a final step in the application process to enhance the bond and ensure longevity.

10. Are there different types of super bonders available?

Yes, there are different brands and formulations of super bonders available in the market. It's important to choose a reputable and trusted brand that is compatible with your lash adhesive.

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