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Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier EM50

Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier EM50
Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier EM50
Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier EM50
Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier EM50
Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier EM50
Korean PBT fibers
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
more than 1 year
Payment terms
T.T,Western Union,Money Gram and Paypal
Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier.The volume eyelash extensions are made by the best Korean PBT fibers,super soft,light weight and matte black.Usually they are the lash extensions 003,0.05,0.07mm thickness.The eyelash extensions have a separate base and no glue at the lashes root.They are easy to make fans with the pinching method.Our eyelash extensions have long lasting curls,and standard thickness and length.We are the factory directly manufacturer supplier,so we do good quality and cheap price.

Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier

Cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes supplier product information


The product name: Volume Eyelash Extensions

The curl: B,C,CC,D,DD,J,L,M

The thickness: 0.03,0.05,0.07mm

The length : 8-25mm

The product size:  11.3*5.9*1.5cm

The Specifications:10trays per box

The weight: about 20gram per one tray

The materials: Korean PBT fibers

The Package size: 33.5*12.5*3.5cm

The characteristic: Long lasting curl more than 1 year,super soft,the lash base is separate,but can make fans with pinching method


The cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes are made by the high quality Korean PBT fibers,the volume lash extensions are thickness of 0.03,0.05,0.07mm,and lash hairs are super soft and matte black,no blue tint.And these volume extension lashes are not easy fan lash extensions,the lash hairs root are separately,but they can make fans by the pinching method,or take several lash hairs to make fans by dip the lash extensions glues,also can make perfect fans.From the above picture,you can see the lash hairs are super soft and thin,and matte black.

These are the characteristics of the cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes.


The volume eyelash extensions this one is packed in the black box clear cover.The volume eyelash extensions are in 12rows each box,and mixed length 8mm-15mm.The inside label cards are with no logo,can do private logo,brand as need.And the label cards background can do any color as requried.The lash materials are high quality Korean PBT fibers,so soft,and thickness is 0.03mm,0.05mm,0.07mm,so thin,so lashes are light weight,too.

And due to these volume eyelash extensions are not the easy fan eyelash extensions,so the root of lash hairs are separate,but also can make fans by the pinching way,so these lash extensions can be used to individually also can do fans mega volume.

The lash extensions curls can last more than one year,and also even if scald with hot water,the curl still keeps same.

These are the advantages of the cheap volume eyelash extensions lashes.


They are our volume eyelash extensions have made in strips,some are not made with curls,so they can make any curl B,C,CC,D,DD,J,L,M curls as need,and we do the length in 7-25mm.The next step when making the lash extensions is curling,you can see at the top of the picture,there are some of the volume eyelash extensions have made in curls,then next step is stick the strip lash extensions on the lash label cards.

We are the volume eyelash extensions factory and manufacturer,so we can control and guarantee the delivery date of all our orders.And we do small profits but quick turnover,so ours eyelash extensions are cheaper than others,and you order from us,you can have more profit than others.And you can sell cheaper than than others,so good quality eyelash extensions cheaper price,will sell fast and more.

If you are a salon just open,these cheap volume lash extensions are very suit for you.We are the volume eyelash extensions source manufacturer,our price is really low,and also we have more than 17years manufacturing experience,and our quality is 100% guaranteed.So with our good quality lash extensions and low price ones,there will be comstomers go to your salon to make the eyelash extensions,and you can sell the lash extensions at a lower price than the branded ones,so customers like to try.After they use your quality is good,they will buy always from you and more quantity.They also will tell their friends about your lash extensions,and then you will have more and more customers.And gradually your business with be bigger and your brand will be well known.

If you have do the eyelash extensions for several years.If you do wholesale for the eyelash extensions with your brand,with our good quality and cheap volume eyelash extensions,your customers will like them very much,they get the low price,so the can send to the retailers low price,and the finally users can get benefits,so you can sell fast and more,get more profits.If you are a salon do the eyelash extensions for several years,with good quality cheap price lash extensions,it will save your time to grafting the lash extensions,and no waste,and also your customers can get benefits.And our lash extensions curls can last more than 1 year,so your customers will love them very much.And your salon business will be better and better.And also you can sell the lash extensions to the lash technician with lower price,so both of you win.

If you are a Lash Technician, want to do your own brand.We do private labe your own brand,we do free design,and we have low minimum order quantity.Our own brand logo cards cost is low and you can keep the not used cards in us,and when next time you order,no need to do your logo cards,can use the left ones directly.And we always will keep them for you,you can save much cost.And for the starting business,the biggest problem is cant find a good supplier,but if you do with us,there will be worry for you.Our lash extensions quality is good,and price is low,and do you still have to worry about not having customers?Once they tried your lashes,surely will fall in love with them.And your own brand surely will be a sucess with us support!

If you want to customize the eyelash extensions,we surely do.We have our own design team,can do the kinds of lashes you want,and also can customize your eyelash extensions package.All is free design.

FAQs for cheap volume eyelash extension lashes:

1.What are cheap volume eyelash extension lashes?

Cheap volume eyelash extension lashes are individual lash extensions designed for creating a voluminous lash look. 

They are more affordable compared to high-end or luxury lash brands.

2.Where can I find cheap volume eyelash extension lashes?

You can find affordable volume eyelash extension lashes at beauty supply stores, online marketplaces, and websites 

specializing in lash products.

3.How do I know if cheap eyelash extension lashes are of good quality?

Look for customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of the lashes. Research the brand's reputation and whether 

they use safe materials.

4.Are cheap volume eyelash extension lashes safe to use?

While price doesn't always determine safety, it's important to choose reputable brands and check for any allergic reactions 

by doing a patch test before application.

5.What factors affect the price of volume eyelash extension lashes?

The price can be influenced by the brand, lash material (synthetic, mink, silk), lash curl, and quantity in the tray.

6.Can I trust online sellers offering cheap volume eyelash extension lashes?

Online sellers can vary in terms of quality and authenticity. Look for well-established platforms, read reviews, and be 

cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.

7.Are cheap eyelash extension lashes suitable for beginners?

Yes, affordable lashes can be suitable for beginners looking to practice lash application techniques before moving on to

 more expensive options.

8.How do I find cheap volume eyelash extension lashes in my area?

Search online for local beauty supply stores or salons that offer lash products. You can also look for online retailers that 

ship to your location.

9.Can I purchase cheap volume eyelash extension lashes in bulk?

Some brands offer bulk or wholesale options for lash extensions. This can be cost-effective if you plan to use them frequently.

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