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Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier EM75

Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier EM75
Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier EM75
Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier EM75
Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier EM75
Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier EM75
Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier.The eyelash extensions are made in cashmere,super soft,light weight,just like velvet.The cashmere eyelash extensions are super thick in each line,and the lashes are with standard curl and thickness,and the curl is also long lasting.And we are the professional eyelash extensions manufacturer,directly supply for the eyelash extensions,best price and quality guaranteed and fast shipping.

Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions supplier 

Lash Item: Cashmere eyelash extension

Thickness: 0.03,0.05,0.07,0.10,0.12,0.15,0.18,0.20,0.25MM

Curl:  J,B,C,CC,D,DD,L,M

Length: 6-25mm

Package: 12lines,16lines,20lines,private label


This is the cashmere lash tray with 20lines single length,matte black color in D curl.This lash tray pack in a white arcylic box,and we also have other different color package boxes.And also can do 12lines,16lines 18lines as need.And this lash card is with no logo,and also can do private logo,own brand.The lash extensions are made by the soft cashmere hairs,just like velvet.


Here are velvet cashmere lash extensions,they are all single length in CC curl and D curl,20lines each tray,single length.And the lash trays also can do mixed length with own brand.We are lash manufacturer do wholesale supply for the high quality velvet cashmere lash extensions.


Here are some of the package boxes for the cashemere lash extensions,and all of them can do private logo,own brand.We do customized package as need.

The cashmere eyelash extensions are the very soft lash extensions,so they are much liked.The lash extensions are with matte black color,super soft,like velvet,so they are easy to use and very comfortable when wearing.And our velvet cashmere eyelash extensions are made with the best materials,standard thickness and standard long lasting curl.And we use best materials and made by the experienced workers,and inspect carefully to guarantee all of our lashes are in good quality.And we are the eyelashes factory,directly manufacture the high quality eyelash extensions,no middleman,so the price you get from us is the Ex factory price.And when you sell at your market,you will have price advantages,and also no worry for the quality.Only the users try your lashes,they will like them.

And the eyelash extensions add volume to the natural lash line and can lift the face and make people appear more youthful,beautiful,alert and gorgeous and save the time and effeort on applying makeup and strip lashes each day. It's 

no secret societal beauty standards applaud long, thick eyelashes, and with extensions, you can enhance your natural beauty without the use of makeup or other beauty products.And also the eyelash extensions can last 4-6 weeks and only need to fill if falls some.And from last year the eyelash extensions are much more popular then before,have big requirement,so if you want to do business lashes,do the eyelash extensions  is a good start and you can learn to be a technician,and then you can work in a beauty salon or do a small shop to grafting the eyelash extensions.That is a good job.

FAQs for Velvet cashmere eyelash extensions :

1. What are Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions?

Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions are a type of premium lash extension made from high-quality synthetic fibers. They are

 designed to provide a lightweight and soft feel, resembling the luxurious texture of cashmere.

2. How are Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions different from traditional lash extensions?

Velvet Cashmere extensions are known for their exceptionally soft and comfortable texture, resembling the feel of real lashes. 

They offer a more lightweight and natural look, making them a popular choice for clients seeking a subtle enhancement.

3. How are Velvet Cashmere extensions applied?

Velvet Cashmere extensions are applied using the same techniques as traditional lash extensions. Each extension is

 individually attached to a natural lash using specially formulated lash adhesive.

4. Are Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions suitable for everyone?

Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions are generally suitable for clients who want a soft and natural lash enhancement. 

However, individual preferences and natural lash health should be considered before choosing this type of extension.

5. How do I choose the right length and curl for Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions?

Choosing the right length and curl depends on your natural lashes, eye shape, and desired look. A trained lash technician 

can help you select the best options based on your preferences and individual features.

6. How long do Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions last?

The longevity of Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions can vary based on factors like natural lash growth cycle, aftercare, 

and the quality of the adhesive used. On average, they can last around 4 to 6 weeks before requiring a touch-up or fill.

7. Can I wear makeup with Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can wear makeup with Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions, but it's recommended to use oil-free and water-based

 products. Be gentle when applying and removing makeup to avoid damaging the extensions.

8. Can I use oil-based makeup remover with Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions?

It's generally not recommended to use oil-based makeup remover with eyelash extensions, including Velvet Cashmere 

ones. Oil-based products can break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to prematurely shed.

9. Can I swim, shower, and exercise with Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can engage in these activities with Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions. However, avoid excessive exposure to

 water and steam during the initial 24 to 48 hours after application to allow the adhesive to fully cure.

10. Can I use a lash curler on Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions?

It's not recommended to use a lash curler on eyelash extensions, including Velvet Cashmere ones. The extensions are

 pre-curved, and using a lash curler could potentially damage both the extensions and your natural lashes.

11. Are Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions more expensive than traditional extensions?

Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions are often considered a premium option and may be priced slightly higher than traditional

 extensions due to their luxurious texture and quality.

12. Can I remove Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions myself?

It's recommended to have Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions professionally removed by a trained lash technician to avoid 

damaging your natural lashes. Using improper techniques for removal can cause breakage and thinning of your natural lashes.

Velvet Cashmere eyelash extensions offer a soft and comfortable alternative for those seeking a natural lash enhancement. 

To ensure the best results, it's advisable to consult with a skilled lash technician and follow proper aftercare practices.

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Name: Nicole Jo        time:2023-01-03 22:38:14
I received the order and the lashes are great,so soft,easy to use,I love the matte black color they are.Am I able to put a order in please?

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