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D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale EM24

D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale EM24
D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale EM24
D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale EM24
D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale EM24
D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale EM24
Faux mink hairs
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Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
more than 15times
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D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale .The Russian strip lashes are the extreme volume thick lashes,they made by the top quality natural faux mink hairs,similar to the real mink hairs,so the lashes are good for everyday wearing.And the Russian strip lashes have deep D curl,the big curl on each of the lash,and the curl keep long lasting,make the eyes glam.We do wholesale for the new hot D curl Russian strip lashes,best wholesale price.

D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale 

D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale" refers to a specific type of eyelash extension product that is available for purchase in 

bulk quantities. Let's break down what each component of this term means:

D Curl:

The "D" in "D curl" refers to the curl type of the eyelash extensions. In the world of eyelash extensions, different curl types are 

used to create specific looks. The "D curl" typically represents a dramatic curl, where the lashes have a noticeable upward bend,

 creating a more open and glamorous appearance.

Russian Strip Lashes:

"Russian strip lashes" refer to a style of eyelash extensions that are typically handmade into strip lash form. These lashes are

 known for their lightweight and fluffy appearance, as they are made from very fine and soft synthetic or natural fibers. They 

are applied in strips to the natural lash line to create volume and length.


"Wholesale" means that these D curl Russian strip lashes are available for purchase in large quantities at a discounted price.

 Wholesale buying is often preferred by beauty professionals, salons, or individuals who plan to use or sell eyelash extensions

 in a business or personal capacity.

Here's a more detailed explanation of each element:

D Curl: As mentioned earlier, the "D curl" represents a dramatic curl type for eyelash extensions. This curl is often chosen by

 individuals looking for a more pronounced lift and an intense, wide-eyed effect. It's a popular choice for special occasions and 

those desiring a bold and glamorous look.

Russian Strip Lashes: Russian strip lashes are known for their fluffy and voluminous appearance. They are created by handcrafting

 multiple lashes into a single strip, which is then applied to the natural lash line. These lashes are favored for their ability to 

provide a full and lush look without excessive weight or discomfort.

Wholesale: Purchasing D curl Russian strip lashes in wholesale quantities can offer several advantages, including cost savings 

per unit, the ability to meet higher demand (if you're running a beauty business), and ensuring a consistent supply of lashes

 for your needs.

When buying D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale, it's essential to consider factors such as the quality of the lashes, the materials

 used, the reputation of the supplier or manufacturer, and any customization options they may offer (e.g., length, thickness, or packaging). Additionally, it's crucial to follow proper application and aftercare procedures to ensure the best results and the comfort and safety of the client or wearer.


The side seeing of the lashes are really perfect with deep great big D curl,and the model wear the Russian strip lashes,really volume,and glam your eyes.All of our Russian strip lashes D curl will have that beautiful effect.


You can see from the picture,that is the side seeing of the russian strip D curl lash.The lash band is black cotton band,flexible,and keep the shape good.The lash hairs are really volume and thick,the lash curl is big and deep in D curl,and have fluffy looking.The lash hairs look natural,similar like the real mink hairs.


They are 4 different lash styles of the russian strip lashes in D curl.It is easy to see the curl effect.Which one do you like?

Here are the russian strip lashes styles:


FAQs for D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale :

1.What are D curl Russian strip lashes?

D curl Russian strip lashes are eyelash extensions with a dramatic "D" curl, typically handmade into strip form. They are 

known for their voluminous and glamorous appearance.

2.Why choose D curl Russian strip lashes?

D curl lashes offer a bold and dramatic look, making them ideal for special occasions or clients who desire a more intense 

lash lift. Russian strip lashes are popular for their lightweight and fluffy texture, creating volume without excessive weight.

3.Can I buy D curl Russian strip lashes in bulk or wholesale quantities?

Yes, you can purchase D curl Russian strip lashes in wholesale quantities, making them suitable for beauty professionals, 

salons, or individuals who want to use or resell them.

4.What are the benefits of buying D curl Russian strip lashes wholesale?

Buying wholesale typically allows you to secure a lower cost per unit, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your business. It also 

ensures a steady supply of lashes for your needs.

5.Are D curl Russian strip lashes available in different lengths and thicknesses?

Yes, you can often find D curl Russian strip lashes in various lengths and thicknesses to suit different preferences and looks.

6.What materials are D curl Russian strip lashes made from?

These lashes are typically made from high-quality synthetic or natural fibers that are soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

7.Can I customize D curl Russian strip lashes with my own branding?

Some suppliers may offer customization options, allowing you to add your own branding or packaging to the lashes. Be sure 

to inquire about this when purchasing wholesale.

8.How should I store D curl Russian strip lashes to maintain their quality?

Store the lashes in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. It's also a good practice to keep them in their 

original packaging to prevent damage.

9.Are D curl Russian strip lashes easy to apply and remove?

Application and removal can vary depending on individual skill level. For the best results, it's recommended to have them 

applied by a trained professional, although some individuals do choose to apply them at home.

10.How long do D curl Russian strip lashes typically last?

The longevity of these lashes can vary depending on factors such as adhesive quality and aftercare. They can last for several

 weeks with proper maintenance and regular touch-ups.

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Name: Daisy        time:2021-12-28 12:01:01
Just got my lashes,cant wait to evaluate them.Although I did not try samples,I am very satisfy them when I see them.The curl is extreme deep curl,that is I want,and the lashes are mega volume,make my eyes glam.I love them all.Thank you.

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