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New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116

New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116
High quality faux mink hairs
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softer,lighter and thinner
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New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension.The eyelashes are made by the high quality faux mink hairs,soft,flexible,the lashes have angel wings and they are fox styles,make eyes big after wearing.The lashes are our new styles and made in 25mm hairs long.Fox style lashes are with multiple effects of different lengths and diameters, upturned at the end of the eyes, elongating the eyes, enlarging the eyes, showing cute and sexy.
New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension EM116

New 25mm angel wing fox eyelash extension

Item Name:  25mm angel wing fox eyelash

Specifications: 1pair pack

Materials:         High quality faux mink hairs

Advantages:  Curling, comfortable, lightweight,& natural 


The false eyelash is fox style with angel wings,packed in the special designed fox head lash tray.The eyelashes are our new styles,they have 25mm hairs,after wearing,make the eyes big,spirited and charming.The lash hairs are soft,curly,very comfortable wearing.

The advantages of the angel wing fox eyelashes:


The fox eyelash extensions have angel wing,3D effect,multi-layered,the lashes are slender and vivid.

The fox angel wing eyelashes are scattered and orderly,the lash bands are soft cotton bands,flexible,comfortable wearing.

The fox angel wing eyelashes are reusable.After wearing,not hard tear the lashes,correct remove makeup and the lashes,and correct cleaning,the lashes can reused for many times.

The fox eyelashes are new styles lashes,25mm lash hairs,make the lashes very charming and vivid at your eyes.

Many more styles of the angel wing fox eyelash extensions:



We have many styles of the angel wing fox eyelashes,different choices for you,many of them are really popular and hot selling.More new styles are in launching...

FAQ for the Angel wing fox eyelash:

  1. What is fox eyelash?

     "25mm" typically refers to the length of the lash fibers used in the extensions. Longer lash lengths, 

    such as 25mm, provide a dramatic and glamorous look, as they add significant volume and length to the natural lashes.

    "Angel wing" might be a descriptive term used to imply a specific style or shape of the lash extensions, possibly designed

    to mimic theappearance of fluttery and feathery angel wings. However, without more context or current information, it's challenging

    to provide a precise description of what the "25mm angel wing fox eyelash" entails.

    If you're interested in this particular lash style or product, I recommend searching for updated information or consulting

    with a certified lash technician or a beauty professional who is familiar with the latest trends and eyelash extension products available

    in the market as of 2023.

  2. How do apply fox lash?

    If "fox eyelash" is referring to a specific type of lash extension style that has emerged or gained

     popularity after my last update, the application process is likely to be similar to that of other 

    eyelash extension styles.

    Eyelash extensions are typically applied using the following steps:

    Prepare the natural lashes: Before starting the application, ensure that the client's natural lashes 

    are clean and free from any makeup, oil, or residue. It's essential to have a clean canvas for better adhesion.

    Select the appropriate lashes: Based on the client's desired look and the "fox eyelash" style, the lash 

    technician will choose the appropriate length, curl, and thickness of the eyelash extensions.

    Isolate a natural lash: Using fine tweezers, the lash technician will isolate a single natural lash. 

    This step is crucial as each extension is applied to an individual natural lash to prevent lashes 

    from sticking together.

    Apply the adhesive: Using a small amount of semi-permanent lash adhesive, the lash technician will 

    attach the eyelash extension to the

     isolated natural lash. The extension is placed about 1-2 millimeters away from the eyelid to ensure

     comfort and prevent irritation.

    Repeat the process: The lash technician will continue isolating individual lashes and attaching 

    extensions until the desired look is achieved. 

    The number of extensions applied per eye will depend on the level of fullness and volume the client wants.

    Allow the adhesive to dry: After completing the lash extension application, it's essential to allow 

    the adhesive to fully dry before the client opens their eyes.

    Aftercare instructions: The client will receive aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity of 

    the lash extensions. This may include avoiding water, oil-based products, and rough handling

    for the first 24-48 hours after the application.

    Keep in mind that specific "fox eyelash" application techniques and styles might vary depending 

    on the lash technician and the brand of lash extensions used. If you're interested in getting

     "fox eyelash" extensions, it's best to consult with a certified lash technician who can provide 

    you with more information and a tailored application based on your preferences and natural lashes.

  3. What is the difference between cat eye and fox eyelash extensions?

    As of my last update in September 2021, "cat eye" and "fox eyelash extensions" are not standardized 

    terms in the eyelash extension industry. However, since the beauty industry is always evolving, it's

    possible that new lash styles or terms have emerged after my last update.

    In general, different lash technicians or beauty professionals may use unique terminology to describe 

    certain lash styles or looks. The specific names of lash styles can vary depending on the region, salon, 

    or individual preferences.

    To give you an idea of what these terms might imply:

    Cat Eye Lash Extensions: "Cat eye" typically refers to a lash style that focuses on elongating the outer 

    corners of the eyes. It involves placing longer and more dramatic lash extensions on the outer edges

     of the eyes to create a lifted and cat-eye shape. This style can help make the eyes appear more almond-shaped

    and elongated.

    Fox Eyelash Extensions: As of my last update, "fox eyelash extensions" was not a common term in the

    lash extension industry. However, if it has gained popularity since then, it could refer to a specific style 

    of eyelash extensions that gives a more voluminous and flared appearance, similar to how a fox's eyes 

    might look.

    Since lash terminology may vary, the best way to understand the specific characteristics of each style is

     to consult with a certified lash technician or a beauty professional who is familiar with the latest trends 

    and terminology in the eyelash extension industry as of 2023. They can help you choose the lash style

     that best suits your eye shape and desired look.

  4. Are the 25mm angel wing fox lashes reusable?

    Yes,the 25mm angel wing fox lashes are reusable for multiple times with proper care.

  5. Are the angel wing fox eyelashes made with real fox fur?

    No,acturally they are the shape of fox kinds with angel wing,made by the high quality faux mink hairs,not the real fox fur.They are cruelty free and vegan.

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These lashes now are new in our market,but we have get very good feedbacks,and users constantly buy them.Now are Demand exceeds supply,will order big quantity soon.

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