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Private label lash suppliers for usa EM09

Private label lash suppliers for usa EM09
Private label lash suppliers for usa EM09
Private label lash suppliers for usa EM09
Private label lash suppliers for usa EM09
Private label lash suppliers for usa EM09
Korean PBT fibers
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
More than 20wears
Payment terms
T.T,Western Union,Money Gram and Paypal
Private label lash suppliers for usa.We are the professional eyelash suppliers and manufacturers for more than 20years,and we manufacture different kinds of high quality lashes,and each of the lash inspected several times,quality standard,then can ship.And we do private label eyelashes supply for all our lashes and for all our customers.USA customers like our mink eyelashes,faux mink eyelashes,silk eyelashes,magnetic eyelashes,premade fans eyelashes,individual eyelash extensions,etc.And we can supply them private label for all the lashes,do their own brand,their own logo,give them the best service.

Private label lash suppliers for usa 

As a professional lash suppliers for more than 20 years in China,we are professionally manufacture different kinds of eyelashes to satisfy all our customers different needs.And we are always pay close attention to the new fashion to create new eyelashes suit with the fashions need,to offer our customers the best newest lashes.Want to do eyelashes business good,need to keep up with the trends and update the new lash styles always,then can attract more and more customers.            

 And all customers like private label their own eyelashes,the private label can help them to retain their own customers,can do your own market brand.Only with the good quality eyelashes,the beautiful lash styles,the good price,and the good service,you can win more and more loyal buyers,and gradually your lash business will be bigger and bigger.And we do many of the private lash supplies for our USA customers.They like to do their own private label package boxes,their private label stickers,labels.When buyers buy,they will be attracted by your beautiful private label package,and they will like to buy.If with no any private label package,only the lashes there,no matter how good quality the lashes are,they only see are lashes,no speical thing they like.If so they are more easy to be attracted by others have beautiful luxury private label package boxes.That is bad to do business.Our USA customers on this point,they do really good.They do their own private label package boxes for their lash supplies,and really a good sale,and they do biger gradually.If you want to do eyelash business good and gain more profit,do your private label lashes package like our USA customers,believe you will win.


Although affected by the COVID-19,lashes in USA still have big demands.People need socialize normally,so the false eyelashes as the necessicity on makeup,is really necessary.And false eyelashes is the daily consumer goods,people need them every day,so to do eyelashes business is really a good choice.And our USA customers eyelash business is gradually recover,and the also the Christmas is coming,the needs for false eyelashes increased in the USA.If you want to do your own private label false eyelashes business,that is the time,and only very low threshold, you can have your own eyelash business.After that hard period,you have stable your own customers,that will be easy to do your private label lash business. Eyelashes supplies in private label have big need in USA.


So big lashes need in USA,but for you how to choose a good lash supplier?That is the most important thing.When you choose the lashes supplies,please not only see the price.Any industry is the same. If you care about quality, please respect its price. If you want cheap, please accept its quality.Cheap price cannt be have good quality lashes.When you buy cheap price lashes,it seems that you spent less money,and can gain more profit.But you never know,cheap price lashes,cannt help you gain,but will be a big loss for you.The cheap price lashes quality is not stable,and cant guarantee,the customers buy from you one,but they find the quality of the lashes is not good,they will ask refund for you or they will not buy from you again.That makes you cant sell your lashes,cannt have your loyal customers,cannt gain any profit,but will make a big loss for you.So choose a good quality lash suppliers is very very important.A good eyelash supplier can supply good stable quality eyelashes always at a reasonable price,to make both of us have the profit.A good lash supplier have the R & D capability,launch new lash products regularly.And also a good lash supplier can do private label for you.


It is easy to understand the reason and the advantages for making your own private label lashes.With your own private  label,you can define your product quality standards,do the good quality as you want.So,the buyers are easy to find you from your brand,no matter on instagram,on facebook,on youtube,amazon,etc,They find you by the contact information or the  brand information on your private label package,but not from the lash itself.Gradually you will accumulate your own loyal customers.And only your lashes quality is good,the buyers use and feel them good,they will buy from you again.So the good lashes suppliers is really important,too on the private label.


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Our factory choose the high quality mateirals and have stict QC system  and experienced workers to keep the high quality of our eyelashes.Welcome the friends from all over the world to visit us.And sincerely hope we can do business with you our honored customers.Any question,please feel free to contact.

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Name: Brittany        time:2021-09-14 15:58:12
I tried the lashes once got them,really cutie!!!!!!How softness,and cannt feel wear the lashes.And so natural looking.Will order soon!Thank you.

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