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Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona EN20

Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona EN20
Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona EN20
Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona EN20
Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona EN20
Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona EN20
Luxury mink hairs
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Unique design
softer,lighter and thinner
more than 60 times
Payment terms
T.T,Western Union,Money Gram and Paypal
Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona.The self-adhesive eyelashes are pre-glued,no need to use glue,no need to use magnetic eyeliner,can apply within 3seconds.And our self-adhesive eyelashes are made in 3D mink hairs,multiple layers,fluffy looking,and each piece has an extra self-adhesive tape,can reusable again and again.We are the best Packed in diamond circle package boxes,private label packages can be made,good feedback in Arizona USA market.And we are the best self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors,low price,best quality and best service.

Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona

Self adhesive eyelashes why so attractive,why so many likes,because the easiest wearing of the lashes themselves.And now our self-adhesive eyelashes are not the before ones,these are the improved upgraded ones,the tapes are stronger and sticky than before,can use again and again,the tapes last longer than before.And also the packages are new,the trays are new.The trays are with an extra tape can replace when the original one is broken,add the lashes wearing times.And no need glue,no need eyeliner,so there is no damage to the eyelashes,also add the lashes life.

"Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona" refers to businesses or suppliers

that offer private label options for self-adhesive 3D mink eyelashes. Here's a breakdown of the term:

Private Label: Private label refers to the practice of allowing businesses or individuals to customize and brand products under

 their own labels or brand names. In this context, it means that the eyelash vendors in Arizona offer self-adhesive 3D mink 

eyelashes that you can personalize and sell under your brand.

Self-Adhesive: Self-adhesive eyelashes come with a built-in adhesive strip, eliminating the need for traditional eyelash glue.

 They are designed for easy and convenient application.

3D Mink: 3D mink eyelashes are made from the fur of minks and are known for their natural and fluttery appearance. 

The "3D" refers to the layering of multiple lash strands to create depth and volume.

Vendors in Arizona: This specifies that the eyelash vendors are located in the state of Arizona, USA.

In summary, "Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona" represents businesses in Arizona that offer 

self-adhesive 3D mink eyelashes that can be customized with your brand's label for resale. This arrangement allows you

 to start your eyelash business with personalized products.

                                    Prodution Description

Product Name

Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona


Real mink hairs


soft cotton black bands


Hand made


Natural Black and clear naked bands


50pairs per style




Custom package is available


Available,and we do wholesale with your private label packages

Payment Terms

T.T,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram

Shipment Terms

By Sea,Air or Express

Delivery Time

10-15 working days as your order details,5-7days if stock

Private label self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash vendors in Arizona Pictures:


Self-adhesive 3D mink eyelashes,front looking,the lash is not thick and not long,with fluffy curl.And the lash band has preglued,so can apply on eyes directly,no need glue,no need magnetic eyeliner,easy to use.And there is an extra lash tape,for the lashes can replace,so wear again and again,last really long time.


This self-adhesive lash has long hairs with short hairs,give more natural looking.Really like in Arizona,USA,hot selling.


The full pair for the preglued,self-adhesive 3D mink eyelash,front show and side show,curly natural looking.Good lash vendors provide good quality new eyelashes in Arizona.


The self-adhesive eyelashes,made in 3D mink hairs,really fluffy,and good quality,packed in the diamond clear package boxes,can do private label.We do wholesale for these new eyelashes.And you can sell them,we offer good quality of them and best price,easy for you to gain more business.


This is the full pictures for our self-adhesive 3D mink eyelashes,the eyelashes in one pair,pack the self-adhesive-3D mink lash into the package box,and then a paper box to pack the circle box.Can do private label.And our this package is also good sell in Arizona USA.

We have professional pictures for each of our lashes and package,all can send to you to upload on your website.And we can offer more lashes information for you,so you no need to take much time on the website setting up.And is easy for you to start a lash business.

Our lashes quality is good,and we do quality guaranteed,so you can rest assured to sell to your buyers,surely will get good feedback,and long-term business.The most important is this self-adhesive eyelashes are easy to use,and we made them in 3D mink hairs,so the lashes can last longer.And this self-adhesive lashes are easy to apply for,so they suit for any of you to use,easy to gain the lashes business and market.

And we have many lash styles for choices,you also can order different styles,so it will be more choices for your buyers,easy to sell.

The more styles of the self-adhesive eyelashes:


There are some other styles of our 3D mink lashes self-adhesive lashes,and also have many other styles for choices,you can choose the ones you like,all quality guaranteed.

FAQs for self-adhesive eyelashes:

1. What is a Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit?

Answer: A Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit is a cosmetic product that includes magnetic false eyelashes, often in various

 styles, along with applicators and storage cases. These kits can be purchased by businesses or individuals and branded with

 their own labels for resale.

2. How does the magnetic eyelash system work?

Answer: Magnetic eyelashes feature tiny magnets along the lash strips. When you sandwich your natural lashes between 

the upper and lower magnetic lash strips, they attach to each other, holding the magnetic lashes in place.

3. What are the advantages of using magnetic eyelashes?

Answer: Magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply, do not require traditional adhesive, and can be reused multiple times. 

They are a convenient and mess-free alternative to traditional false lashes.

4. Can I customize the packaging and branding of the Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit?

Answer: Yes, one of the primary benefits of private labeling is the ability to customize the packaging and branding of the 

kit to suit your brand's identity and preferences.

5. Are magnetic eyelashes safe to use for individuals with sensitive eyes or allergies?

Answer: Magnetic eyelashes can be a suitable option for individuals with sensitive eyes or allergies because they eliminate

 the need for lash adhesive. However, it's essential to ensure the materials used are hypoallergenic.

6. How can I place an order for a Private Label Magnetic Eyelash Kit from the UK manufacturer?

Answer: To place an order, you can typically contact the manufacturer directly through their website or customer service. 

They will guide you through the ordering process, including customization options and pricing.

7. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for private labeling magnetic eyelash kits?

Answer: The MOQ can vary among manufacturers. It's advisable to inquire about the MOQ when discussing your specific

 requirements with the manufacturer.

8. Do the kits come with instructions for application and care?

Answer: Yes, reputable manufacturers often include detailed instructions for applying and caring for the magnetic eyelashes

 in the kits to ensure the best results.

For more information about our false eyelashes,please contact:

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Tel: 0086-15964911928   Whatsapp: 0086-15964911928

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Name: Felipe        time:2021-10-04 22:53:30
The lashes are really easy to use,no need to use glue,and reusable ,I have used for 7wears,still good and sticky for a whole day.Really like.

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